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In The News for Monday, April 27, 2020
Posted Apr 26 2020 10:06PM

·       The models have been wrong, egregiously so. Does anyone care? Not the media, as it blunts the narrative they are intent on flogging. This press conference called by two practicing emergency room physicians has garnered two million views on YouTube. It’s well worth watching and a real eye-opener. If you watch it I believe you will agree that we need to bring this attempted suicide of our economy to an immediate halt! There is no science to it. Politicians, bureaucrats and the lamestream media need to be neutered. The last two or three minutes of part two are very telling.

·       Zinc is a key player in immune system strength. I’ve been taking a 50mg Zinc supplement since this whole Wuhan Virus stuff started.

·       Courage? It’s In Short Supply. If there is any upside, it is that many of our petty politicians have shown their hands and it could cost them their jobs when they have to run for reelection. Gov. Whitmer of Michigan is, of course, the poster child for such politicians, but she has plenty of company like Gov. Northam of Virginia. As Thomas Sowell said, “There is nothing so bad that politics can’t make it worse.”  This piece in Politico seems incredibly tone-deaf in light of everything else. A great example of how left-wing journalism tries to cover for their fellow travelers.

·       Opinion: 2 different ways of being an American; 2 different ways of being a human being.

Yesterday, forty-some men with smiles on their faces clocked out from a month-long shift during which they literally lived in a factory working their fingers to the bone to help their neighbor and provide for their families.

While one do-nothing politician who collects almost 200,000 taxpayer dollars per year sat in her luxury D.C. apartment — complaining.

Two different ways.

·       More fake news. It just doesn’t stop. Trump didn’t fire vaccine chief for questioning Hydroxychloroquine.

·       You wouldn’t think that in a sane world this would even need to be litigated. Supreme Court allows Trump Admin to deport immigrant who shot at ex-girlfriend’s house.

·       According to Dr. Birx, the U.S. has one of the lowest Wuhan Virus mortality rates in the world.

·       I like it. Durham bolsters investigative – and prosecutorial – team. Atty. Gen. Barr said he’s “very troubled” by what Durham has already found.

·       Interesting, and not surprising, poll from McLaughlin & Associates. A majority of those who watch the President’s daily briefings believe the media is disrespectful of the president. 49% believe the media is trying to help the Democrats take out Trump. What a surprise. Peoplle aren’t as stupid as the press counts on. If you depend on CNN and the major networks for your news, this isn’t the narrative they’re pushing, is it? Swing voters approve of Trump’s virus effort, 75% want end of China reliance.

·       Can you ever put me in this camp. The majority of Americans would rather risk death from the Wuhan Virus that endure any more Skype lectures from celebrities. The satirical website Babylon Bee veers into real news. And this: President Xi Jinping has been impressed with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s handling of the Wuhan Virus crisis in her state. He’s jealous that he didn’t think of some of her ideas himself.

·       R.I.P. Harold Reid, bass singer for the Statler Brothers, and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He died at 80 after a long battle with kidney failure. He and his brother Don Reid were the two actual brothers in the Statler Brothers. They were a nine-time winner of the CMA award for top vocal group.

·       Good. It’s starting. The FCC has signaled the likely revocation of four Chinese telecom firm’s licenses. And this – A great business exodus from China.

·       As I’ve said before, there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner if I had to fight the DOJ and FBI than attorney Sidney Powell. She is seeking dismissal of the charges against Gen. Flynn after new evidence shows he was ‘framed.’ As someone commented, The charges should be dismissed and should be accompanied by a check with a lot of zeros on it. FBI Director Wray pushed to withhold exculpatory evidence in Flynn Case. Of course they did.

·       Hillary tried her best to troll the master and failed miserably. She is desperate to be relevant but just keeps failing with every attempt. Rumor is that if Kim Jong Un is actually in poor health, he is willing his pantsuit collection to Felonia von Pantsuit.

·       Another good example of just how egregiously wrong the “experts” have been. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, chair of the Dept. of Medical Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania, has obviously never done the old exercise where you agree to work for a penny on day one and it doubles every day until at the end of the month your salary is in the millions. As the post says, these people have been absurdly wrong.

·       CNN’s most recent case of amnesia should remind us of a few of the canons of journalism.

·       Maybe there is some hope for California. The California Supreme Court has ordered Gov. Newsom to defend his plan to give money to illegal aliens. Incredibly, 40% of the money was to be set aside for administering the funds. You have to wonder just how long the California electorate will continue to shoot themselves in the foot by electing incompetent public officials. It’s been going on for a long time as California’s finances have circled the drain.

·       Cancellation of sporting events had caused a Beer Surplus. I’ve mentioned several times that there would be unintentional consequences to our actions taken to curb the spread of the Wuhan Virus. Keep you eyes open for some good sales. Hopefully Scotch distillers are feeling the same pinch and need to move some 12-year old single malts. For you single malt lovers who would like a slight change of pace, I had the pleasure of trying some Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey. I’d recommend it.

·       Well, Biden seems willing to write off Pennsylvania. He’s pledged a ban on Federal Drilling.

·        According to Google, these are the ten most searched recipes globally since the quarantining began. I’m not impressed. #6 is a recipe for Crepes. Say what? Personally, I’ve used this shut-in time to perfect a couple of great Chicken Wing recipes among others. I’ll attach a winner for Crispy Jerk Chicken Wings to today’s email.

There is some question about the health or possible demise of the pudgy rocket man with the bad haircut. In reading about it I came across a description of Pyongyang Department Store Number 1 that I had never seen. It is apparently the North Korean’s version of a Potemkin Village.