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In The News for Friday, April 24, 2020
Posted Apr 24 2020 8:03AM

·       Article in The Hill: The data is in – stop the panic and end the total isolation. Now, not next week.

·       Andrew McCarthy has consistently had some of the most spot on and insightful commentary on the Democrat’s and the Media’s Trump-Russia hysteria and misdirection. Here is his most recent article in National Review. He is right on target again and his piece is well worth reading. I breathlessly await the coming indictments from U.S. Atty. Durham and a few good 6 AM perp walks with the likes of Brennan Clapper and Comey.

·       One of the best metaphors for what politicians and the media are serving up. If you want to follow some of my vents on Twitter, my handle is @ReveilleLetter.

·       If you don’t think the Democrats are trying to make voter fraud easier to accomplish, you aren’t paying attention. The Liberal Cheating Factor In American Elections. Orange County, CA is a good example.  

·       Another example of political overreach from politicians using the Wuhan Virus to accomplish what they couldn’t otherwise pull off. Booze and Dope is Okay, but Cigars are verboten.

·       China’s behavior has been reprehensible, while Taiwan’s has been a model. It’s time they were rewarded. As for WHO, it has proved itself to be willing to carry water for the Chicoms.

·       94% of the patients hospitalized for the Wuhan Virus in NYC had underlying health conditions according to a new study. 88% had more than one ailment on top of the Wuhan Virus.

·       Democrat Judge Lina Hidalgo decrees that all her subjects wear masks. The Houston Police Officers Union tells her to get stuffed.

·       Is the Wuhan Virus saving lives? This may seem like a strange question, but something funny is going on with the statistics. We may find out that the number of deaths has been inflated.

·       Who would have expected this? Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier that the Hillary campaign paid for and that the FBI relied on, claims that his email has been wiped and he no longer has the documents from his primary source.

·       And now this. The former National Security Council Chief of Staff says that Brennan suppressed evidence. The former NSC chief of staff further stated that “Brennan suppressed high-quality intelligence suggesting that Putin actually wanted the more predictable and malleable Clinton to win the 2016 election.” I’ll say again, Brennan is the guy I most want to see perp walked at 6 AM in the morning as cameras flash.