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In The News for Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Posted Apr 22 2020 7:03AM

·       I received a very interesting and telling text message yesterday afternoon from a friend and long-time reader who lives in NYC. His comments were:

OK, so the good news and more good news. My wife and I both tested positive for the Covid-19 lgG test today, indicating “You are either over the infection or in the late stage.” Neither of us has shown or felt the symptoms and we had to be in good health before they would administer the blood test. The site administrator shared with us that of all the people they tested today, only TWO tested “negative.” As you have been sharing on your website, the past stated results we have been hearing about are completely inaccurate as most past testing was done on a selective basis. (Results from sick people)

This is the kind of thing that the media doesn’t seem to be covering as it doesn’t fit the hysterical narrative they are invested in. It wouldn’t take much digging for an actual competent member of the press to come up with this information.

·       For those of you confused about negative Crude prices, this may help.

·       Conservative Street Artist, Sabo, has had enough.

·       The President has suspended immigration to the U.S. The usual suspects are up in arms over it.

·       U.S. intelligence agencies are receiving reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in grave danger after undergoing heart surgery. There is some question as to the veracity of this report. Don’t think there is an heir apparent.

·       A parody of ex-president Obama’s endorsement of Joe Biden garnered far more views that the actual endorsement. Following the endorsement Twitter exploded with memes.

·       I’ve posted Dr. Geach’s comments in previous editions of this blog. Here is an update. If you don’t toe the line on the official narrative you are subject to a good “book burning.”

We live in a world of liberal intolerance, of which I would never before have believed. Deplatforming, as this is called, is really a modern form of book burning. We must burn books that go against the dogma. I have good credentials and am a physician. My co-authors — four other physicians and a nurse practitioner — also had good credentials, and we advocated well-reasoned and duly sourced positions. Unfortunately, we hold the wrong opinion, and a “dangerous” one at that.

·       Bringing out  the worst in liberals.

In the past, conservatives were much too willing to give liberals a pass with regard to motivation. Conservatives have generally thought that liberals are well-meaning, just ill-informed. There certainly are liberals in that category. But there are a great many liberals for whom that characterization is too kind. Many liberals are simply hateful people, and their ideology reflects that hate.

·       Joe Biden advisor tries to blame Republicans for PPP running out of money. It doesn’t go well. Ms. Sanders is a not particularly bright hack. Hope Joe has a lot of “advisors” like her.

·       You mean you can’t trust the press to report accurately? You’re kidding! I’m shocked, just shocked!

·       Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become the poster child for petty political overreach. Apparently her neighbors have had enough and are donning their purple shoes and hitting the links right next door to the governor’s mansion. This whole thing has brough out the petty tyrants from the woodwork and they need to be slapped down like Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins.  

·       20 Jobs more essential than Non-Essential Nancy’s. Actually, there are a lot more than space permits me to list.

·       Does anyone, anyone give a hoot in hell what these two think about anything? Schiff (aka Shifty Schiff) and Nadler (aka Jabba the Putz) want AG Barr to investigate the removal of the Intel Community IG. Good luck on that one. Roger Simon has some comments: Vaccine Needed as Schiff-Nadler Investigation Disease Returns. These two just insist on continuing to make In Kind contributions to President Trump’s reelection campaign.

·       Good for her. Apparently a little of President Trump has rubbed off on Dr. Birx. She took NBC reporter Kaitlan Collins apart without even ruffling her scarf.  

·       Knew we could count on an Iranian Religious “Expert” for a solution. Drink It If Ya Got It: Iranian ‘Prophetic Medicine Healer’ Prescribes Camel Urine to Treat the Wuhan Flu. They apparently have a shortage of Hydroxychloroquine.

Chuck Schumer, Man of the People. James Wood isn’t buying it.  Schumer: “Hold on while we shoehorn as much pork into our voting base as we can, until there isn’t a pig left In America.” Fixed it for you, Chuckles!

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) April 19, 2020

·       I had broken my nice pair of eyeglasses and needed to update my prescription and get a new pair. I decided to try an online purveyor and my insurance only covered two of the online companies, Warby Parker and I checked both and found Glasses USA to be about 30-50% cheaper. I use a graduated lens. They came today. It took about 5 business days and the process was very easy. I am totally pleased with the final product and would recommend this company to anyone who has been thinking about using an online eyeglass company. If you happen to use them, write my name at checkout and I get a $10 Amazon Gift Card. They have a good app where you can try on any frames you are interested in.