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In The News for Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Posted Apr 21 2020 7:26AM

·       More evidence that the IFR is just barely higher than an average seasonal influenza.

·       In case you missed the interview, Rep. Dan Crenshaw easily bested Bill Maher in an interview designed to showcase leftist talking points. That followed a previous smackdown of Hillary Clinton.

·       I kind of figured this was coming. The Trump campaign has put out a new ad using Nancy “Let Then Eat Ice Cream” Pelosi’s tone deaf late nite TV appearance.

·       The Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that split jury decisions are not acceptable and that in order to convict they must be unanimous. It vacates a lot of convictions.

·       This is CNN. CNN’s version of George Costanza says the Wuhan Virus caused him to “crawl in bed and cry for our pre-pandemic lives. Tears that had been waiting a month to escape.” As the author says, it’s like a “dear diary” entry by an eleven-year-old girl.

·       California skateboarders gave a big Bronx Cheer to local authorities who filled in their skatepark with sand and showed up with shovels to clean them out. I’ve often said that many of our politicians should never be allowed near the reins of power. We’re now finding out why, aren’t we?

·       You can add the Miami Herald to the list of publications with terminal TDS.

·       The gift that just keeps on giving. AOC tweeted and then deleted a tweet saying, “you absolutely love to see it,” referring to American workers losing their jobs in the Oil Industry. I’m betting that Michelle Caruso Cabrera takes her down in November.