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In The News for Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Posted Apr 15 2020 7:58AM

·        “Once again, government officials are making decisions with catastrophic effects on many millions of lives, on the basis of models that have proved to be wrong. The shutdowns should end tomorrow.” This needs to end quickly. We Never Needed To Flatten The Curve. This has been yet another stark example of what happens when politicians are in charge of our lives. You want proof that we should begin opening up tomorrow? Paul Krugman: “Crazy” To Reopen Economy In A Few Weeks.  That’s enough for me. And this: More people would trust Fauci is he wore one of those giant doctor disk thingies on his head.

·        The press continues to beclown themselves, led by the always front-runner, CNN. A former CNN producer had some comments on faux reporter Jim Acosta. Hardly surprising. “Jim Acosta loves nothing more than Jim Acosta.” Here’s another of the media’s class acts. Baltimore Sun reporter David Zurawik suggests on CNN that Trump supporters are facing a potential payback, “now your loved ones can die.”  These idiots, which seem to represent a majority of the press, have destroyed what credibility they ever had, and it was tenuous to start with. The internet and the ability to fact check their calumny has leveled the playing field and allowed anyone willing to look the ability to get the facts. As the mainstream media circles the drain, the Dems are calling for a bailout of the journalism industry. I think I’ll vote a big NO on that one and I’ll be surprised if the Senate will give it any time. Here’s another good example of fake news from the Washington Post, one of the hotspots for institutional TDS.

·        The New York Times Changed Biden Sexual Assault Story At The Request Of Campaign. The Times is, of course, an entirely self-conscious political actor. Its mission is not to report news, but to help the Democratic Party and the American left. Happily, pretty much everyone has figured that out. The New York Times altered its story on what could be a significant campaign issue–an accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden–based on a complaint by Biden’s campaign. And the paper’s head news guy sees nothing wrong with this. Of course they don’t.

·        Oh, Please. Please. Nunes: More Criminal Referrals Against Dems Involved in the Russia Scam May Be Forthcoming. The FB knew before the Mueller probe that Hillary’s Steele Dossier was Russian disinformation. I hope some folks really have to bet lawyered up and find out what it’s like when the Justice Department comes after you like you have done to others.

·        Before you decide to surprise someone with a flight in a fighter jet, you might make sure he isn’t deathly afraid of it. This 64-year old guy’s heartrate was in full tachycardia at 136-142 beats per minute before he left the ground. During the flight, he panicked, and in panic mode reaching for something to grab pulled the ejection handle at 2500 feet.

·        Chinese Coronavirus Commies Censored. Turnabout is fair play.

·        “A masterful performance, delivered with a straight face.” Barrack Obama’s Endorsement of Joe Biden is Comedy Gold.

·        Ted Cruz versus Brian Stelter. Ted, it’s not fair to attack an unarmed man…Ted Cruz rips CNN’s Brian Stelter. Not much of a contest. Brian Stelter – the George Costanza of the mainstream media.

·        Not a fan of Tom Friedman, anyway, but what has he been drinking? He suggests Alexandria Ocasio Cortez should be our U.N. Ambassador. Hilariously, Joe Biden doesn’t even seem interested in getting her endorsement and she seems miffed. I have high hopes that come November her two years of fame will be over as Michelle Caruso-Cabrera unseats her and she can then put her “economics” degree to use by going back to bartending.