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In The News for Tuesday, April 4, 2020
Posted Apr 14 2020 8:22AM

·        Dr. Jonathan Geach, a Tennessee anesthesiologist, along with four other colleagues published an argument for getting back to work that immediately garnered about 50,000 views before being censored. Here is the story and here is the article he wrote – Eight Reasons To End The Lockdown Now. This confirms the points made in the clip I linked to yesterday.

·        Another example of leftist autophagy. Bill Maher BLASTS China Over WuFlu…The Left Goes NUTS. It’s not Racist to Point Out That Eating Bats Is BatSh*t Crazy?

·        This 12 minute clip sent to me by a reader puts a lot of things in perspective. It is NSFW and contains some salty language, but it is an excellent overview of the dissembling going on and a lot of things surrounding the Wuhan Virus.

·        The Worst Governor in America? She does seem to be making a serious run for the title. A petition to recall her is being flooded with signatures. The Wuhan Virus is exposing little tyrants all over the country.  

·        Kyle Smith has a few thoughts on Bernie’s demise. Pretty funny.

·        Scott Grannis on the shutdown of the US economy: ‘the most expensive self-inflicted injury in the history of mankind’

·        The best meme of Trump’s beatdown of the press from Monday. Here’s a picture of some of the press caught as they left the briefing.