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In The News for Monday, April 13, 2020
Posted Apr 13 2020 8:49AM

·       You are welcome to agree or disagree with me. I have read and watched hours and hours of commentary from experts with much more gravitas than a lot of our bureaucratic experts like Dr. Fauci et al. I am convinced that history will look back on this episode as a mass hysteria of the tulipmania variety. I found this commentary by Dr. Wittkowski very interesting. It is 40 min. long, but well worth watching. If you believe what he is saying, and I do, we need to get back to work tomorrow. I could highlight several parts of his comments, but you really need to watch the whole thing. For how ridiculous “expert models” can be, here is a good example of some from the past.

·       I’m losing count. What’s the score now? Trump 15/Press 0? Report vindicates Trump on Ventilator debate. And this – a compendium of the dumbest questions asked by the imbeciles in the White House press corps at Coronavirus Briefings. When it come to the press, it’s hard to pick a winner in the crowded field of nitwits vying for most absurd, but MSNBC’s Chris Hayes would make anyone’s list of finalists. Not to be outdone, New Yorker columnist wishes Trump would get the Wuhan Virus. Can these people get any more despicable?

·       The Administration sough an emergency $250 billion and the Senate quickly responded only to have it blocked by the Democrats who want to double it to $500 billion. Pelosi and Schumer are at it once again.

·       Like anyone is surprised by this? The FBI Knew Before Mueller Probe That Hillary’s Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinformation. Exculpatory information was omitted from the FISA application. We’re seeing the tip of the iceberg. 6 AM Perp Walks, please. Comey or Brennan. Take your pick who goes first. Go to the 2:58 mark in this video.

·       It’s a start. Trump Admin moves to revoke China’s authority to provide telecom services in U.S.

·       China’s Agriculture Ministry says dogs are no longer to be classified as livestock. Apparently they haven’t made up their minds about cats, yet. Me either. Just kidding. I remember Gary Larson talking about how many nasty comments he got whenever he made fun of cats. Some of his cartoons were classics. Like this one.

Let The Cat Out.png

    Put The Cat Out

·       Well, my old T-Shirt was prophetic. It had a picture of an oil rig and below it said “Earth First, We’ll Drill The Other Planets Later.” Now this -  Trump Makes It Official: The U.S. Will Mine the Moon.

Earth First.png

·       Economic illiterates are running amok. Face meet palm. Unbelievable what comes out of the mouths of some of these folks. You should never go full Venezuela