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In The News for Thursday, April 9, 2020
Posted Apr 09 2020 7:52AM

·       Every single Wuhan Virus press briefing. Must see.

·       Midweek in Pictures Hormel Foods made their fist batch of Spam in 1937. With everyone out shopping and hoarding food they have announced they will be making their second batch later this week…

·       Well, the inevitable has happened. Bernie has thrown in the towel and cleared the field for Slow Joe. Watching them try to drag him across the finish line is going to be highly entertaining. Which lucky female will be his VP candidate? Naturally, The Babylon Bee couldn’t let this pass without comment. Interestingly, the stock market immediately jumped about 400 points. I have my own suspicions why. As Scott Johnson of Powerline says, “His long record of support for Communist regimes and socialist tyrants could not be denied.”  “He is a vile socialist hater of the Corbynite stripe…”

·       This is a trend that is just getting started. U.S. companies are leaving China.

·       The execrable Adam Schiff is at it again. He sent his letter to the press before he sent it to the intended recipient, Richard Grenell. As I’ve said before, he needs to be publicly caned oh the steps of the Capitol.

·       Ted Cruz for the win. Sheldon Whitehouse is, of course, a buffoon. He is the Senate’s version of Captain Stillman.

·       Who in the world thinks it’s a good idea to close liquor stores during a forced quarantine? If there is a vital and necessary business that should be kept open, this is certainly one. I’d say the Governor is likely to have a tough time getting re-elected.