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In The News for Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Posted Apr 08 2020 8:28AM

·       Some graphic evidence of improvement. Note particularly the updated bar graph on fatalities.

·       A Party of Haters.

Their biggest problem is Trump’s argument that his vigorous conduct of the “war” against the coronavirus saved countless lives. Disease modelers, who have no track record of success, predicted as many as two million deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. More conservative modelers, like those at the University of Washington, have predicted 80,000 or 90,000 deaths, even with a total shutdown of our economy. I doubt that those numbers will be approached. No one is now talking about millions of deaths, or a million deaths. The Washington group is already backing down on its predictions, with its hospitalization numbers turning out to be wildly inflated. At the moment, it seems more likely that the COVID-19 fatality total may look like a bad flu season, in the U.S.

·       Well, maybe the State Dept. isn’t totally peopled by her flunkies and water carriers any longer. The State Dept. refuses to back Hillary Clinton attempt to avoid deposition. Looking forward to some good reading. She can’t duck out of Benghazi testimony by citing Official Privilege, State Dept. says.  

·       It’s hard to believe that they’ll be able to drag him across the finish line, but it’s fun watching them try. Biden produces a word salad so bad that it’ll make you question everything. I don’t think we’ve ever watched a public figure disintegrate so publicly.

·       Oh No! Pandemic could jeopardize law firm diversity efforts.

·       How not to wear a mask demonstrated by the Chair of the Congressional Coronavirus taskforce. We really are led by the best and the brightest, aren’t we?

·       Love this Tweet.


·       Welcome to Crazytown. Woody Harrelson and rapper M.I.A. have a theory. Love Woody as an actor, but as an intellectual and conspiracy theorist he is lacking.

·       I have to admit that I gave in and finally watched The Tiger King on Netflix during my incarceration. There are some very weird people living amongst us. The series is a mix of the fascinating and repulsive.

·       For some reason the Washington Post calls Jennifer Rubin their “conservative columnist.” In what dystopian universe does she qualify as anything near a “conservative columnist”? She recently referred to Joe Biden as “a breath of fresh air.” Really? She’s been roundly made fun of on Twitter.

·       China has been flooding Facebook with propaganda ads blaming Trump for Coronavirus. I believe that China is going to pay a heavy price in the years to come as we begin to repatriate our supply chains. From USA Today: Time to put China on lockdown for its dishonesty amid coronavirus crisis.

·       From Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit. Having watched the impeachment backfire on them, the Washington Press Corps moved on and opened the next package from Acme. It only took one press conference for Trump to smoke out a pro-Beijing reporter and break CNN.  

·       Another one bites the dust. Looks like the ones that really need to self-quarantine are the terrorists. These guys must all have nervous tics by now.

·       CNN’s Jake Tapper hasn’t exactly hidden his disdain for the President, after all he does work for CNN. This, however, seems to step over the boundary for anyone claiming to be a “real journalist.” Let’s not kid ourselves. Tapper is anything but. How deep into TDS do you have to be to retweet anything from George Conway?