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In The News for Monday, April 6, 2020
Posted Apr 06 2020 6:36AM

·        Powerline’s Week In Pictures.

·        And this. We haven’t lost our sense of humor.

·        Dr. Ghattachara is an economist and a doctor ed in the and a member of the faculty at the Stanford medical school. He had an Op/Ed in the Wall Street Journal last week questioning the models being used and the extraordinary predictions that he questions. He should be on the President's task force. This interview is on a podcast. It should be on a national news network. While we’re at it, anyone curious about Infectious Disease Modeling: What’s The Track Record? We should be.

·        This is just my personal bias, and many of you may disagree. I’m finding the most interesting commentary on the Wuhan Virus trajectory coming from the guys who can crunch the statistics more than the healthcare professionals, politicians and certainly the media. This is a long article doing just that. As the author says, in 2-3 weeks “it should be clear if I’m wrong or right. I will then crow/eat crow, depending.”

·        Who’s Dying From the Wuhan Virus? So far over half of those who have died of the Wuhan Virus in Europe were over the age of 80. That seems to be playing out in other places, too. From Real Clear Markets, some common sense to offset the hysteria.

·        Is it possible that we have seen the peak? It is. The jury is still out but the data indicates it’s possible. Could the President have painted his critics into a “tiny political corner?” Stay tuned.

·        Can’t argue with this. No institution has failed the public worst than the news media during the Wuhan Virus pandemic

·        Most people are unimpressed with their 30-day free trial of Communism.

·        Jesse Watters takes the media to task. Worth a watch, although I think the polls indicate most Americans are well aware of what is going on. Bill Maher is particularly despicable.

·        Pelosi barks but the caravan moves on. Crises have a way of separating the leaderlike wheat from the opportunistic chaff. Who is leading and who is seeking political advantage? Nancy seems to view this pandemic as one big political opportunity.

·        Biden switches to ‘Front Porch’ campaign, loses porch. Always enjoy Stephen Green’s acerbic wit. It’s also worth revisiting ex-Secretary of Defense Robert Gate’s assessment of Joe. “He’s been wrong on nearly every foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades.” Consider that was when he still had possession of his always limited intellectual powers.

·        In case you missed it. CNN publishes real news story for April Fool’s Day. Obviously satire. They don’t have a show in the top twenty according to the most recent data. Airport closures have just decimated their viewership.

·        While we’re at it, this update on Chick-fil-A advertising. Eat Fewer Bats. And this probably true update on Antifa. Antifa member grounded for staying out too late at rally.

·        The commanding office of the USS Roosevelt has been relieved of command. He is regarded as a fine officer, but he used poor judgement in a crisis. I read the Navy’s release and while I was initially skeptical, I have to admit that I think they had no choice.

·        A very interesting graphic on the History of Pandemics. Granted, this one is ongoing.

·        The story of Bill Withers, the singer/songwriter of Lean on Me, Use Me and Ain’t No Sunshine, who died last week at the age of 81. An interesting and inspiring story of an entertainer who walked away on top and never regretted it.

·        Maybe we should take a cue from Australian politicians who have lambasted China.

·        Finally, things are starting to get interesting. FISA Court requires DOJ/FBI to provide names of targets withing corrupt surveillance applications. Long overdue. And this good news. John Durham investigation intensifies focus on John Brennan. My number one choice for a good 6 AM perp walk.

·        And on the Hillary email front, the plot thickens as her email vendor involved in deleting her emails has told the court he would assert the fifth amendment. I’d day grant him immunity and see what he has to say.