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In The New for Thursday, April 2, 2020
Posted Apr 02 2020 7:39AM

·       Once again, there is just too much to save until Saturday. Midweek In Pictures – April Fool’s Day Edition.

·       An update on the “controversy” brough on my Mike Lindell’s appearance at the White House. As Scott Johnson says, “…if where you stand on Trump is your guiding definition of patriotism and heroism, your moral compass might be broken.” David Harsanyi wrote about it in National Review – Mike Lindell, Not Yamiche Alcindor, Is The Hero.

·       I’ve tried to be as politically correct as I’m capable of by using the term Wuhan Virus to refer to the virus that China unleashed on the world. I’m now leaning toward Chinese Bat Flu. Related: If you claim that calling it “Wuhan Virus” is racist, you are part of the cover-up.

·       You think you’re having a tough time in quarantine? You could be Bill Clinton. This guy has the answer.

·       He has shown himself to be the lightweight we always knew he was. Obama frets about global warming climate change amid coronavirus pandemic.

·       According to a study out by The Lancet, the mortality rate for the Wuhan Virus is 0.66%, much lower than initially expected.

·       Jihad has been around for a while. It our 234th anniversary of our shock at it.

·       Clearly, the FBI needs to be swept thoroughly with a clean broom. The Bureau has been systematically unscrupulous.

·       As Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be the king.” King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand has self-quarantined in a German hotel with 20 of his girlfriends. Not sure if his four wives made the trip. I’m betting they didn’t.

·       As Stephen Green says, To be fair, embarrassment requires a degree of self-awareness rarely seen in Hollywood.” Hollywood’s ‘Trump is Hitler’ Argument Even More Pathetic Now. President Trump’s behavior during the current crisis reminds us, again, how little moral weight far-left celebrities hold. I’d sure like to know what Bette Midler and Rob Reiner think of all this – said no one, ever.

·       Gee, what a shame.  My heart goes out to her. Chilean leftist and Castro supporter stranded in Cuba begging for help to get out. Why wouldn’t she want to stay in a country that Bernie says has a great healthcare system? Read the article and then shed a few crocodile tears.

·       Houston’s mayor has asked crooks to “chill” until the Wuhan Virus pandemic is over and put off committing any crimes for now. Great idea. Let me know how that works. How about shoot to kill orders instead? Speaking of crooks taking a break. Apparently these three in Virginia didn’t get the message. The outcome is hard to believe. The employee who defended his property by shooting one of the robbers was jailed.

·       I can’t imagine anyone, knowing what we know now, would be OK with Huawei controlling 5G. China’s Huawei Gambit: 5G Viral Spies. Related: Don’t Let China Off The Hook