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In The News for Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Posted Mar 31 2020 7:26AM

·       An excellent video showing how the virus spreads and why gloves and hand washing are so important.

·       Why is this even a news item? Decisions and actions have consequences. Someone needs to make this clear to Prince Harry and his consort.

·       Americans always step up when disasters strike. Army veterans have answered the Army’s call for medical personnel as 9000 have responded. I would have expected nothing less.

·       A very interesting article about China’s work in Biological warfare. I’ll link to it without comment.

·       Been a fan for a long time. R.I.P. Joe Diffie.

·       Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere you’ve probably heard by now about the case of the person who ingested fish tank solvent containing chloroquine phosphate, a deadly poison, unlike chloroquine sulfate.  It turns out that cherchez la femme is the order of the day, as the poison was fed to the man by his wife. Why am I not surprised? Something just doesn’t add up. It’s hard to believe anyone is quite that mentally challenged, even though she has donated to a number of left-wing causes.

·       The President of Belaurus believes that saunas and vodka are the key to beating the Wuhan Virus. He also believe that tractors help. Maybe he’s on to something. Saunas do seem to help a cold.

·       At first I though this must be from The Babylon Bee, but nooooo. An Australian astrophysicist had to be admitted to the hospital when he got four magnets stuck up his nose while trying to invent a necklace to warn you when you put your hands near your face. This guy obviously isn’t a rocket scientist.

·       I mentioned New York family practitioner Dr. Zelenko in a previous post. He has now treated 699 Wuhan Virus patients using Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Z-Pac and Zinc with a 100% success rate. Other doctors are reporting similar results.

·       CNN is having a tough time figuring out their position. LOL

·       This report from Stanford University doesn’t seem to be getting much media coverage. It’s too optimistic, I guess.

·       Trump DOJ defends female athletes. It’s about time some common sense was injected into this ridiculous situation.

·       Joe Biden Can’t Be President – Part 2. Yesterday’s interview on MSNBC was a disaster.

·       Breaking Bad Wuhan Virus parody.