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In The News for Thursday, March 26, 2020
Posted Mar 26 2020 7:22AM

·        An interesting update amid all the worst-case scenarios floating around. Based on the data we have so far, a graph of the current situation.

·        Pelosi blinks first. I expect the polls and the total dismemberment she suffered on social media had its effect. Overplaying a weak hand is never good strategy.  Related – Democrats have misread the moment.

·        The mainstream media broadcasters’ reaction to curtailing their coverage of the White House briefings is very telling. They seem willing to sacrifice ratings in the interest of TDS.

·        With so much going on, Powerline has had to institute a Mid-Week in Pictures edition of their popular Saturday feature.

·        Kevin Roche, the former general counsel of United Health has tried to publish an opinion ad in the Minneapolis Start Tribune, who has refused to do so. Here is a three-part series from Powerline along with the piece in question. Update – The Minneapolis Star Tribune has caved.   

·        This is not good. Waffle House has closed 365 locations in the U.S. You may remember that Waffle House was one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite restaurants.

·        Stephen Kruiser: My New Ways to Hate the Media.  As the world has descended into coronavirus panic, the scum masquerading as journalists in this country have been working overtime to plumb new depths of irresponsibility.

·        A little humor from a celebrity who understands the utter insignificance of his peer’s influence. Ryan Reynolds explains how important celebrities are in fighting the virus.

·        Tom Cotton translates “Chuck-speak.”

·        CNN forgot to translate their latest Wuhan Virus update from Mandarin.

·        CBS apparently wasn’t too thrilled with their own poll showing the majority support President Trump on his handling of the Wuhan Virus. They gave it ten seconds.

·        Let’s Just Say It, Shall We? Joe Biden Is Probably Not Okay. Only surprising if you haven’t ben paying attention. My money says he totally derails prior to the convention.

·        Good post. Stop panicking over bad data.

·        One good thing about the media focus on the Wuhan Virus pandemic is that their fawning coverage of Greta has fallen off a cliff and she’s having a difficult time fading into the obscurity she so richly deserves.