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In The News for Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Posted Mar 25 2020 8:33AM

·        Reaction on social media to Nancy Pelosi’s power play. Disgusting! More here. And this. A trend that I hope accelerates. President Trump tweeted his reply. Here’s a good example of how Nancy’s power play is being portrayed on social media. Lastly, here is Tom Cotton excoriating the Democrats in “refreshingly blunt language.” As John Hinderaker says, let’s hope they pay the political price they deserve for their disgraceful conduct.

·        An interesting progression of New York Times headlines. What transparent clowns.

·        Good news on the testing front. Two large U.S. private labs say they could soon process 300,000 coronavirus tests per week.

·        Maybe the single best clip I’ve seen on the Wuhan Virus.

·        Like mother like daughter? Nancy Pelosi’s daughter said Rand Paul’s neighbor was right to punch him. Her disgusting tweet was taken down, but not before she came in for widespread condemnation.