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In The New For Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Posted Mar 24 2020 12:03AM

·       What happened in the Senate? TDS is alive and well. What about the House of Representatives? Pelosi pulls power play. The American people may exact a heavy price in November. The New York Times, I know how surprising, tried to cover up an misdirect the blame, but it is all over social media. Maybe it might be a good idea to look back just a few weeks and see what the Democrats and the Media (but I repeat myself) were saying about the Wuhan Virus. Nancy has certainly distinguished herself by her partisan idiocy. Sen. Barrasso had some on point comments. Clearly, the Democrats are worried the stimulus bill would stimulate the economy. Finally, a rhetorical question. How low can the Democrats sink? The New York Times and the Washington Post are trying their best to carry water for them, but judging by what I’m seeing on Twitter, it’s not working. If you care to see what they are trying to put into the bill, it’s easy to find and it’s disgusting.

·       We are making rapid progress in getting testing out. It will accelerate substantially this week and next. We could easily already be peaking out, but it will not look like it as the lag in testing causes a spike in confirmed cases. Meanwhile, is the new media ignoring good news. This article is interesting when taken in context with the one I linked to yesterday, Evidence Over Hysteria. The media isn’t likely to report good news as aggressively as bad news. Just a fact. Nobel Laureate and Stanford biophysicist, Michael Levitt, has been putting out some fairly accurate predictions and believes that the U.S. will get through this much quicker than many are predicting.

·       In: Healthcare Workers, Truck Drivers, Shelf Restockers, Nurses, Soldiers, Police, Farmers.

Out: Performance Artists, Diversity Consultants, Magic Crystal Healers, Sociology TA’s, Members of the Mainstream Media, and Gender-Unspecified Entities Who Brew Kale Kombucha. The people the loser elite look down upon are saving our bacon.

·       Probably not enough quinine in tonic water to do much, but it’s a start. Switch from Scotch to Gin and Tonic. Just for now.

·       An example what single payer health insurance can result in. Italy no longer allows those over 60 access to respirators. We have twice the ICU beds per capita.

·       If your hand sanitizer says it’s 70% alcohol, I think I’d just trust the label. Not this idiot from the shallow end of the gene pool. The theory of evolution at work. Speaking of the shallow, muddy end of the gene pool

·       Has Lockheed’s Skunk Works pulled it off again? A potential successor to the SR-71. The SR-72 could be a Mach 3 bomber.  

·       You may remember that Michael Bloomberg promised those he hired to work on his campaign employment through November regardless of how he fared in the primaries. Turns out he took a cue from Fauxcahontas and spoke with forked tongue. He’s now being sued by some of his aides. I personally know of two people who signed on and have been let go. Yes, I do have some Democrat friends. You have to minister to the afflicted in hopes of curing them.

·       As the old saying goes, “A fool and her money are soon parted.” Most of the contributions to Lieawatha’s Super Pac came from one Kool-Aid drinking doctor in California, Dr. Karla Jurvetson. She contributed $14.6 million of the $15.1 million raised.