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In The News for Monday, March 23, 2020
Posted Mar 23 2020 7:31AM

·        As usual, Powerline’s Week in Pictures is a tour de force.

·        A big deal. Diagnostic care company Cepheid has received emergency authorization from the FDA to use its rapid molecular test for point-of-care patients that can detect the Wuhan Virus in 45 minutes. The test are due to begin shipping on March 27.

·        Evidence Over Hysteria – COVID-19. Well worth reading. The results of their research show that COVID-19 doesn’t spread as easily as we first thought or the media had us believe (remember, people abandoned their dogs out of fear of getting infected). According to their report if you come in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 you have a 1–5% chance of catching it as well. The variability is large because the infection is based on the type of contact and how long. And this was particularly interesting. Even when we looked at households, we did not find a single example of a child bringing the infection into the household and transmitting to the parents. It was the other way around. And the children tend to have a mild disease,” said Van Kerkhove. Read the article.

·        Good Advice. Stop The Insane Overreaction. Related: Suicide’s Not Painless.

·        More skepticism about how the numbers are being reported.

·        Yes! “Do not pass Go. Do not get $200. Do not even get a hearing.“

·        For anyone interested, I had my first foray into the world of internet media on Thursday by appearing on Matt Locke’s show Locke and Load on America’s Voice. It may become a weekly gig.

·        It’s good to see that some of our core businesses are finding ways to continue helping their customers.

·        To quote Glenn Reynolds, “He’s an idiot and unfit for office.” N.J. Attorney General: It might be unlawful to let your employees call it “the Chinese virus.”

·        An interesting article on how your browser ranks in terms of privacy. Brave came in first. Edge was last.

·        Much to the media’s chagrin, the public seems to approve of President Trump’s handling of the crisis, so far. Liberals are spazzing in place on Twitter.

·        China’s report of no new cases of the Wuhan Virus may be suspect.

·        If so, this could be a huge stimulus for retailers as consumers re-direct where they spend their money.

·        It’s hard to portray yourself as “woke” when there is lots of evidence otherwise. Stephen Colbert is a great example. As the old saying goes, if it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

·        New Yorkers are getting the leadership they voted for.  

·        Glad to see The Onion making a comeback.

·        This is a feeling I’ve seen from several. One suggestion was that if they get help, we should get something in return like extra leg room and free bags.

·        We can only hope he is right. Tucker Carlson predicts diversity deans could soon be ‘gone for good.’

·        Having sports withdrawal? Maybe this will help. If you need something a little more hard core, you can go to YouTube and do a search for Bob Menery’s sports commentary. NSFW.

·        This is a real dilemma