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In The News for Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Posted Mar 17 2020 8:37AM

·        Brian Wesbury’s comments are always worth reading. He believes we’ll see a one quarter drop in GDP of about 10%. That’s a sharp one, but the good news is that one quarter doesn’t qualify as a recession and the market tends to look out 3-6 months. As he says, we’re already in that window if he is right.

·        “These people are nuts and there’s no cure in sight. Sunday night’s debate. And, what do you think immediately started trending on Twitter immediately following? Yep, Grumpy Old Men.

·        Well, it’s good to see the mayor of Bugliano, Italy taking things seriously.

The mayor of Bugliano, Italy has responded to the viral outbreak by prohibiting orgies inside the city limits. He has gone even further, banning threesomes and sex involving more than two people “for the foreseeable future.” The fine, as you can see, approaches $1000, although I’m guessing you can split it up among the group.

·        A good sign that things are starting to speed up. U.S. volunteer gets first coronavirus vaccine as tests get underway.

·        Racism! Xenophobia! EU to suspend all non-essential foreign arrivals to halt spread of pandemic. Oh, wait, it was only racist and xenophobic when Trump did it, back when it was early enough to do some good.

·        Hopefully, the perpetrators will be found and jailed. HHS was the subject of a Distributed Denial of Service attack Sunday night.

·        They can’t help themselves. NYT reporters just can’t stop lying.

·        Milwaukee Federal District Court Judge Lynn Adelman is a good example of the rot that infects a lot of the Federal judiciary.

·        This has been a terrible travesty and needs to be rectified ASAP. Comey should be held accountable and Mueller should be excoriated.