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In The News for Monday, March 16, 2020
Posted Mar 16 2020 7:55AM

·        Today in History: West Point established. Bear Stearns sold to JP Morgan Chase for $2 a share. The My Lai massacre. Judge Roy Bean, the law west of the Pecos, dies.

·        Investors Business Daily lays out three potential scenarios for how the current situation might play out.

·        A good question from Jim Cramer. “How can you not start buying here?” Related: a good Bear Market gif.

·        From the paper of record, The Babylon Bee: CNN’s ratings collapse as Coronavirus fears empty airports.

·        In my continuing efforts to be as anti-PC as possible, I have decided for now to use the term Wuhan Flu, which the press has decided is racist. I’m considering switching to Chinese Kung Flu, which I think has a nice ring to it and would seriously trigger the woke crowd. Who would have anticipated that the Wuhan Flu virus most serious impact would be to cause a shortage of toilet paper? Here is one of the best sources for monitoring the situation. Ars Technica is updated every day at 3 PM. Here’s another piece in American Thinker putting things in a good perspective. And finally, one piece of very good news.

·        Related: Unintended Consequences. Good Article by Sara Hoyt.

·        The plunge in China has implications for the rest of the world. Why the death rate from Wuhan Flu in China is plunging.

·        Good news. Roche had gotten approval for a new, quicker test for Wuhan Flu. Results in 3.5 hours.

·        H1N1 comparison to Wuhan Flu. Question asked and answered.

·        Gee, isn’t this surprising? Who would have thought their beclowning and ineptness would have had this effect. NY Times reporter: “disdain for and distrust of the media right now is worse that I’ve seen at any point throughout this presidency.” It ain’t improving, either, bud.

·        In another real surprise, economics major from Boston University apparently slept through her classes on money and banking. AOC’s response to the Fed’s injection of liquidity into the bond market is that it could have been used to pay off all student debt. She has said she was told by her teachers early on that she needed remedial work. How prescient they were. Can you imagine being a member of the BU economics dept.? Most of them probably lie about it when they attend conferences. It’s like the old joke about the little boy in school telling the teacher his mother was an exotic dancer because he was embarrassed to admit she was actually a Democrat.

·        I have the hope that at some point this miscreant will be called out and exposed and prosecuted. Adam Schiff is a truly despicable human being.

·        Don’t think I’m cut out for this job. I’d be out of there so fast there would be nothing but heel dust.

·        If you have the slightest doubt that one result of this Wuhan Flu pandemic should be drastically reducing our reliance on China, you might read this. China hints at denying Americans life-saving coronavirus drugs.

·        A Missouri lawmaker who proposes banning Drag Queen Story Hour is being lambasted by the woke crown and other perverts and child abusers. For heaven’s sake, some things are just plain old common sense. If I had a small child exposed to this perversion, I’d publicly horsewhip whoever was responsible.

·        More drip, drip, drip as little things keep peeking out from under the carpet. The Brits hinted that they assisted Team Obama on Russia collusion probe. A slap on the wrist will not suffice or satisfy the public once all the facts emerge.

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