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Reveille for Friday, March 13, 2020
Posted Mar 13 2020 7:57AM

·        At this point the fatality rate for the Wuhan Virus appears to be 0.7%. So why is it different from the regular flu and warrant major action. For one, we lack natural immunity and as of now have no vaccines in our armory.  In addition, the circumstances compared to former scares like Avian flu and Swine flu are different. How? For one, these previous pandemics didn’t take place in an environment where the media was vested in undermining a duly elected president by stoking fear and hysteria. A good example of the press’ behavior is the execrable Jim Acosta’s reaction to the President’s address. It was that Trump called it a “foreign virus” which is “xenophobic.” Really, Jim? That’s what passes as an intelligent comment from CNN’s White House correspondent? Maybe a reassignment is in order for Jim. A few weeks ago calling the Wuhan Virus the Wuhan Virus was OK. Not now.

·        Europe is not happy with our unilateral actions to stem the spread of the Wuhan Virus. President Trump is once again ‘putting Americans first.’ That’s what, I believe, most of us want to happen.

·        The more that comes out, the worse the FBI looks. The Russia collusion case fell apart in the first month of Trump presidency, memos show. I want to see prosecutions and careers ruined. FISA Court Judge rules FBI misled the court. Like anyone who can read didn’t already know that.

·        “Oh, Frack Yeah” for U.S. Oil and Natural Gas. Banning fracking would be a major step backward.

·        Poor Brian. His audience is gone.

·        Did she think no one would notice? Nancy tries to tack on federal abortion funding to coronavirus bill. You know you’ve screwed up when Joy Reid calls you out for it.

·        The New York Times columnist who couldn’t divide and said Bloomberg could have given every voter over $1.3 million instead of $1.30 is now blaming racism for being made fun of. Actually, it’s fun to make fun of idiots regardless of race, creed or color.

·        This can’t happen soon enough. Have I missed the media acknowledging that President Trump was dead right about our reliance on Chinese supply chains? I’m sure they are contrite and apologetic for backing the Chinese.