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In The News for Friday, March 6, 2020
Posted Mar 06 2020 8:16AM

·        A Bernie story that anyone remotely considering him should read. His visit to a prisoner, Alan Gross, in Cuba during at trip with Senators Heidi Heitkamp and John Tester. Don’t delude yourself that this angry old man is a harmless “Democratic Socialist.” He is a dyed in the wool communist.

·        A short list of Slow Joe’s backers who actually declared President Trump mentally unfit for his office. As the author says, “Trump has a habit of turning his detractors into hypocrites.”

·        The Morning Briefing: Burn Commie Academia to the Ground.

·        Finally, there is some rational action being taken. Let’s hope it’s contagious. Arizona passes bill banning transgender female athletes from competing in girls’ sports.

·        Rashida Tlaib to Abortion Opponents: “You shouldn’t even want to have sex with me.” I think it’s safe to say she won’t get a argument on that one.

·        I’ve just been waiting for someone to link to the old Randy Newman song as Bloomberg has come in for all the short jokes.

·        Did Nancy Pelosi’s security detail point a rifle at peaceful protesters? The evidence isn’t incontrovertible, but it sure looks like it.

·        Voters seem to be rejecting one by one every candidate the media has championed. Who knew politics under President Trump was going to be so much fun. Kurt Schlichter has a no holds barred commentary on the two front runners in the Democratic Disaster.

·        Lieawatha heads back to the wickiup as she folds her tent. A quick rundown on her campaign. This woman made Hillary look cuddly. Naturally, the Babylon Bee had to weigh in. Her campaign workers are at a loss. Bad decisions have consequences.

·        Arresting Chuck Schumer would send an indelible message that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

·        Bill? Bill? Really? Clinton finally explains why he had affair with Monica Lewinsky.

·        This has played out in virtually every primary. It tells me that his base is itching to get to the polls.

·        More from the tolerant left. Texas museum director posted on Facebook “I hope every one of you pieces of s&#% that votes Republican dies today.” The museum board is meeting at 5:30 PM today to decide what to do. Decide what to do? You’ve got to be kidding.