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Reveille for Wednesday, March , 2020
Posted Mar 04 2020 7:44AM

·        So how about Super Tuesday, or Super Thursday as Joe calls it? Looks like even her home state has had enough of she who speaks with forked tongue. Fauxcahontas Warren came in third in her own state. Dispirited Democrats gave Joe Biden the nod, making him the betting favorite for the nomination, but not guaranteeing it on the first ballot. Joe seemed a  bit surprised while Bernie was his usual angry self.

·        This ought to help Joe a lot. You bet. He taps Beto to ‘Take Care of the Gun Problem with Me.’

·        Wondering why the coronavirus seems to be taking hold in Iran? How about licking the door of the Holy Shrine to show virus who’s boss? Or the cleric’s recommended cure, applying essential oil to anus. I recommend Atomic Balm, one of our old high school trainer’s favorites. For some unfathomable reason a lot of the cases in Canada are linked to travel from Iran. Travelers from Iran report no screening at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Maybe closing the border might be a good idea.

·        After 23 years on CNBC and MSNBC, Chris Matthews has “retired.” Here’s a compilation of his best moments.

·        Make your own Hand Sanitizer. 2/3 C Isopropyl Alcohol and 1/3 C of Aloe Vera.

·        Vegan Jogger offended by the smell of meat tells neighbors to close windows while cooking. That’s about all I’d need to move my smoker and grill right up to the property line and do a good 24 hour pork shoulder while I grilled hamburgers with at least an 85% fat content for the smoke and aroma.

·        As I’ve said so many times, one of the major differences between the rational and the unhinged is a sense of humor. This is a great example.

·        I’m guessing Brit was looking for just that perfect present for his wife.

·        Could Trump possibly flip California. One person thinks he has a chance.

·        Biden has been trying to explain his lie about being arrested with Nelson Mandela in South Africa. He’s ignoring the first law of holes. His latest ‘explanation’ is worse than the others.

·        Must be a problem with the algorithm. Google’s self-driving cars are veering to the left for some reason.