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In The News for Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Posted Mar 03 2020 8:09AM

·        Even those of us who still identify with the gender we were biologically assigned at birth enjoyed some bissextile activity Saturday.

·        From Powerline. Crazy is working overtime.

·        And of course here is the gaffe du jour. You keep wondering how he can possibly top himself and he just keeps coming through.

·        Have I mentioned lately what a despicable human being Paul Krugman is? The drop in stock prices has him almost giddy.

·        AOC decided to go into a battle of wits with Ted Cruz. Unfortunately for her she is totally unarmed.

·        As we head into Super Tuesday, we have three dropouts, Tom Cryer…er Steyer, the boy mayor, Pete Buttigieg and the singularly uninspiring Amy Klobuchar. I kept expecting to see him show up in a Robin costume. He apparently ran out of Obama speeches to pilfer. My guess is that Liz (Lieawatha) Warren isn’t far behind. Looks like we enter the Democratic Convention with a choice between a 78-year old Bolshevik and a dim-witted younger man like a 77-year old former Vice President plus a guy who thinks he has enough money to shoehorn himself into the nomination. I know my Democratic friends (yes, I do have some) are thrilled. My guess is that if Bernie gets it a lot of them will cross over or sit out the election.

·        Is Coronavirus the new Y2K? I’ll admit I’ve had that thought, too. The mortality rate looks like it’s around 1-2%, while the flu and pneumonia mortality rate so far this year has been 7%. Five things you might not know about the Coronavirus.

·        The President’s stand up routine drew rave reviews at CPAC, at least from attendees and his supporters. From his critics, not so much. It was fun.

·        In Forbes: Coronavirus could be the end of China as a global manufacturing hub. You can rest assured that a lot of companies will be reassessing their supply chains and the attractiveness of having domestic suppliers. Also the fact that we depend on China for about 85% of our prescription drugs. Outrageous!

·        One reason Iran may be experiencing a higher than normal rate of spread for the coronavirus. They have a tradition of licking religious shrines.

·        Good analogy. Afghanistan is a hole in the world into which we pour blood and treasure. It isn’t and never has been a nation-state. A good piece by Stephen Green. Afghanistan: It Was A Nice Peace While It Lasted. It lasted about 72 hours. For those students of history, let’s hope our exit isn’t through the Khyber Pass. Didn’t work too well for the British in 1842.

·        Jackie Lacy is running for Los Angeles County District Attorney and is up for re-election today. Monday morning at 5:30 AM her doorbell rang and it turned out to be a group from Black Lives Matter on her front porch. Her husband is obviously not a morning person. He opened the door and met them with a locked and loaded handgun pointed in their direction.


·        A new chapter in the annals of leftist autophagy. Well, we won’t have Chris the tingle to kick around anymore. Chris Matthews has resigned from MSNBC. At 74, he’s decided it’s time to pass the torch to the younger generations. Sure, he has. His angst over the likelihood of Bernie being the Democratic candidate was finally just too much for the lefties at MSNBC.