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In The News for Friday, February 28, 2020
Posted Feb 28 2020 8:17AM

·        A look back at some past market corrections. One thing to keep in mind is that the swiftness of the pendulum swing in one direction is often an indicator of how it will swing back.

·        This is also an interesting series. I’ll be surprised if today follows suit since it’s a Friday, but it bodes well for a rally next week.  

·        Just a note to remind you of something you should already know. Hand washing is probably the single best strategy for avoiding the coronavirus. Use it in combination with a disinfecting gel. Be diligent, too. Every time you walk into your home, head for the sink. Keep gel in your car for when you get gas or go to the grocery. When you grab that gas pump handle or grocery cart handle, you’re exposing yourself to thousands of people. Be diligent. Resist that urge to scratch your nose right after you’ve handled something that others are likely to have handled.

·        On this subject. I was totally disgusted listening to Schumer and Pelosi and their equally despicable fellow travelers trying to gin up fear and criticize President Trump’s efforts to combat the virus. Imagine hoping for a pandemic so you can try and use it to regain political power? Despicable is way too mild an adjective to describe these bottom dwellers.

·        March 3rd is Super Tuesday. Betting odds show Bolshi Bernie winning 13 of 14 races. Alabama is the outlier where Slow Joe is the favorite. Looks like he may even eat Fauxcahontas’ lunch in Massachusetts.  

·        The FBI Agent who ran the bureau’s warrantless spying program has been saying some things that could cause problems for people like Comey and McCabe. It also points to the Obama administration. I’m eagerly awaiting some indictments, along with millions of other Americans who are convinced that the “resistance” tried their best to pull off a coup. Jail time for some formerly high ranking swamp denizens is necessary to ensure that we send a message that this can never happens again.

·        For those of you who were/are Hunter S. Thompson fans, this is vintage. It is a letter to Anthony Burgess dissing a piece Burgess submitted to Rolling Stone