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In The News for Thursday, February 27, 2020
Posted Feb 27 2020 7:55AM

·        From what I could see, a pretty good synopsis of how the candidates came across in the last debate. It was painful and unwatchable for all but those willing to self-flagellate. As it turns out, Bloomberg sponsored the debate.

·        Like she’s going to have a choice. Pelosi says she’d be comfortable with Sanders at top of ticket. As Ed Driscoll says, “Pelosi reaches acceptance stage of grief.” Bernie seems impressed with Castro’s literacy efforts. Why it doesn’t matter any more than whether Mussolini made the trains run on time or how good healthcare was in Nazi Germany.

·        Good. Press it. Trump campaign sues New York Times for libel, accusing them of defamation over claiming that Trump’s 2016 campaign had an “overarching deal” with Russia regardless of the fact that Mueller found no evidence of collusion.

·        When you have thirty minutes, I highly recommend you watch this interview of Steve Bannon by The Economist. I give him a “W” for his performance.

·        I know we’re all shocked by this revelation that ABC news is biased. ABC has suspended the offending employee for telling the truth.

·        Adam Schiff is a notorious “epidemic” leaker. Trey Gowdy has a solution.

·        Lieawatha just can’t help herself. Lying is so ingrained in her persona she thinks the Dopeler Effect will work in her favor.

·        Interesting. Fox News just had the highest ratings in its 24-year history for its prime time lineup.

·        Betting odds on Democratic nomination. Bernie is the heavy favorite.

·        It’s about time. ABC is planning a spinoff of The Bachelor aimed at senior citizens. “Let’s hope there aren’t too many stairs in the bachelor mansion. LOL.

·        Joe obviously has some sympathy for those with pending criminal charges. Over 85% of the deportations he would halt are those with pending criminal charges according to ICE.

·        What would history tell us about going into an election with unemployment below 4%?

·        I mentioned the bias of the jury forewoman in the Roger Stone trial. She was questioned for an hour by the judge and Stone’s attorneys in court as they seek a new trial.

·        The Doc in the Box business may have a formidable competitor coming on stream as Walmart enters the business.

·        A new breakthrough in targeting antibiotics for bacterial infections that can be done on site without having to wait days for lab results.

·        An interesting inverse relationship, isn’t it? Violent crime rate continues to drop as AR-15 ownership rises.

·        After the Democratic debate train wreck/dumpster fire, the New York Times is bordering on hysterical. Tom Freidman is panicked. He ended his column, "If they don’t join together — if the Democrats opt for a circular firing squad — you can kiss the America you grew up in goodbye."


I do not know what America Friedman grew up in, but if it were anything like the one we are in now, I feel so darned sorry for him because surely, as his column showed, it gave him PTSD.

Good article.

·        Rasmussen has President Trump thumping Bernie in a head to head matchup by 50% to 43% among likely voters. 7% are undecided. Let’s not get cocky, just yet, but it’s looking like a good stomping is setting up.

·        Been there many times. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. On February 26, 1929 President Coolidge signed an executive order establishing Grand Teton National Park. It was a gift from John D. Rockefeller who owned pretty much the whole valley that contained Jackson Hole, WY, contiguous to Yellowstone National Park. I took my brother and 72-year old father out there in 1993 and did a trip to Sun Valley, Yellowstone and the Tetons. It was his first trip out there and he considered it the best trip he ever took. If you’ve ever been to the Jackson Lake Lodge where the summer Fed meeting is held, you know how beautiful it is sitting in that dining room looking out the cathedral windows at Grand Teton while eating Cutthroat Trout you caught that day on Jackson Lake, part of the Snake River. Looking forward to going back this summer, as my youngest son is working as a fishing guide on Lake Yellowstone out of the Fishing Bridge Marina in case you get out there. Ask for Hunter.

·        FLASH! New Discovery. If you’ve been a reader for any length of time, you know my love for all things Bacon. I have just discovered Bacon Jerky. Dad gummit, it’s good! How did I not know about this gourmet treat? There are even uncured, nitrite free brands if you’re concerned about that. Personally, I feel like if nitrates can preserve bacon, they might help preserve me, too.

·        Watch a liberal lynch mob form and riot in real time as campus police stand by with their thumbs up their hind ends.