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In The News for Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Posted Feb 25 2020 7:52AM

·        What a great story. Zamboni driver steps into goal and saves the day.

·        While we’re on the “feel good” stuff…84-year-old woman sinks 90 foot putt to win new car at Alabama versus Ole Miss basketball game. Straight as an arrow.

·        Some fairly decent news on immigration. One person not happy with the change said, “The sheer number of both significant and less significant changes is overwhelming. It will take an ambitious plan over a series of years to undo it all.” Don’t think he gets it. That’s the whole purpose, isn’t it? Even more good news. President Trump starts implementing ban on welfare-dependent immigration to U.S.

·        The President’s trip to India seems to be going swimmingly. The press seems to be covering it grudgingly.

During its early years of independence and throughout most if not all of the Cold War, India was a socialist-leaning and Russia-oriented “nonaligned” nation. More recently, India has adopted more progressive, free-market economic policies, and has turned decisively toward the West. Its alliance with the United States is one of the most positive geopolitical developments of recent years, and it is properly being celebrated by President Trump.

·        The closer Bolshie Bernie gets to securing the Democratic nomination, the more the press seems willing to actually vet him. It’s going to get fun; I believe. 60-Minutes did Bernie over the weekend.

·        As Glenn Reynolds said, “It says something-something bad-about the Democratic primary that the safest attack on Bernie isn’t that he’s a commie, but that he actually supported something that’s in the constitution. Mini Mike attacked him for it.

·        Hilarious! Team Bloomberg tweeted out how much Mini Mike loves Subway. Meanwhile FEC filings show his campaign has paid over 10,000 to a private jet caterer who specializes in Wagyu steak with foil gras and Petrossian Caviar.

·        Paul Krugman shills for Bernie and gets hammered for his lies.

·        You don’t say. I’m just so shocked. Joe Biden’s tall tale about being arrested in South Africa in the 1970’s debunked. It’s hard to keep track, isn’t it?