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In The News for Friday, February 21, 2020
Posted Feb 21 2020 8:34AM

In The News:

·        Point Counterpoint. There was a sharp contrast between the dumpster fire at the Democratic debate in Las Vegas and the President’s rally in Arizona. Stephen Kruiser draws the contrast.

·         At one point in the debate Bloomberg defended Capitalism. The Dem’s groaning response should terrify all of us.

·        I believe that Mini Mike’s foot is stuck in his mouth for good over his comments on farmers. It isn’t going away. One farmer had an offer for him to come and show her how she can simplify what she is doing.

·        At one point in 2016 Bloomberg actually had some nice things to say about President Trump and wished him the best.

·        Kind of hard to paint the President as homophobic. He just appointed Richard Grenell to the position of Director of National Intelligence. He will also serve on the National Security Council.

·        Well, there goes Bolton’s newfound support from the left. Bolton trashes Democrats’ ‘Grossly Partisan’ impeachment, Downplays impact of would-be testimony.

·        Steven Hayward is one of the key people writing on PowerLine Blog. He got the following note from one of his liberal friends Thursday morning after the debate:

Last night was the first Dem debate I tuned into, and it was horrifying. Bernie was an angry uncle. Bloomberg was an arrogant asshole. Warren was a ballbusting bluestocking. Pete was a glib greenhorn. Biden was barely alive. And Klobuchar was a smirking SNL character. . . It’s a f—— catastrophe!

·        The Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisors came out yesterday along with the Economic Report of the President. The message for Democrats seems to be “read it and weep.”

·        Bernie seems to be trying to distance himself from his past enthusiasm for Bolshevism. Don’t be fooled.

·        Great post by Stephen Green and very funny video put out by Mike Bloomberg.