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In The News for Thursday, February 20, 2020
Posted Feb 20 2020 8:09AM

·        Well, the reviews are in and it looks like Mini Mike took it on the chin. Stephen Green drunkblogged the whole thing. I’m reminded of the Babylon Bee’s take on the November debate: Democratic Candidates Clash Over Most Effective Way To Destroy Economy. LOL. Meanwhile a group called P.U.T.I.N., which is an acronym for Pigeons United To Interfere Now, released a group of MAGA hat wearing pigeons near the debate venue. Fauxcahontas was pretty brutal, too. And this, fat broads and horse faced lesbians. In the past week Mike has pretty much done his best to offend as broad a spectrum of the electorate as possible.

·        Meanwhile, in Arizona, the President was as usual playing to a sell-out crowd.

·        California is feeling the Bern! Latest poll shows him leading Slow Joe 32% to 14%.

·        Is there anyone more un-self aware that James Comey? I more and more hope that the Durham investigation results in charges.

·        You might have seen the story on the letter from a bunch of lawyers calling for Barr’s resignation. It was pretty obvious what the source was. Total B.S. from the left.

·        Who would have expected the Bernie Bros to give a shout-out to Fox News while dissing MSNBC?

·        What a tragedy to see a great institution brought down by their caving to the wokesters. The Boy Scouts have declared bankruptcy. You may not be an Ann Coulter fan, but she gets this one right.

·        Analysis True: Social Security is a Terrible “Investment.” Tell me something I didn’t know.

·        I mentioned the other day Obama’s gigantic fail trying to take credit for our current economic expansion. It looks like most people saw through it. 61% give President Trump credit, while 51% supposedly give Obama credit. I strongly suspect that the real numbers are far more skewed in President Trump’s favor.

·        I’d file this under “No s#*t, Sherlock.” Amnesty encourages illegal immigration. I intend to make sure my own Congressman and Senators know exactly how I feel on this subject. You might consider doing the same.

·        Mike might want his money back. Bloomberg has donated $millions to anti-gun efforts. Hope Johns Hopkins already has the money in hand for the endowment of the Bloomberg School of Public Health. They have released a study that there is no evidence ‘Assault Weapon’ bans reduce mass shootings.

·        Meme of the Week

Trump meme.png

·        Gee, I wonder why anyone would want to leave? New York and New Jersey Face Largest Population Decrease In U.S. Arizona, Idaho and Utah lead the list of fastest growing states.

·        Swapping one war zone for another resulted in tragedy for a Syrian refugee who was killed in Baltimore delivering pizza. Khaled Heeba was apparently well thought of by his co-workers and working hard to assimilate in his new country.

·        Don Surber thinks Impeachment Was Good For The USA. November will be a remedial class for Democrats.

·        Kent State is planning on paying Hanoi Jane Fonda $83,000 for speaking at the 50th anniversary of the Kent State shootings. The Ohio Secretary of State isn’t having any of it. He is a fellow veteran and a former Green Beret who served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. I am a Vietnam veteran, and she will be forevermore on my permanent restricted list.

·        Mexico sends message to President Trump.

·        Barnie mugged. Disheveled and covered in $100 bills, Bernie Sanders claims he was attacked by a group of billionaires. And this. Bernie frustrated with having to ask for money instead of just taking it.

·        This makes perfect sense. Jussie Smollett offered job at CNN after fabricating news story out of thin air.

·        How far left are journalists? Despite the findings of this report, the authors actually try to argue that these political operatives with bylines are impartial. Unless you are totally bereft of common sense, this dog won’t hunt.

·        No, the science is not settled. Judith Curry has one of the more interesting pieces of analysis on global warming, assessing the next 30 years. Noted experts like AOC and Greta will be upset that the world isn’t ending in 12 years.

·        Another ludicrous “I blame Trump for my self-inflicted misfortune” story.