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In The News for Tuesday, February 17, 2020
Posted Feb 17 2020 6:45PM

·       How cool is this? The Presidential Limo, known as ‘The Beast’ takes a lap at Daytona. The fans went wild, and the New York Times naturally found a problem with it. Stephen Kruiser commented. Even Geraldo was impressed. And this guy was over the top. LOL. The Babylon Bee was not to be left out, either.

·       A few days previously, pastor Joe Nelms of the Family Baptist Church in Lebanon, TN gave the invocation before a NASCAR event in Nashville. It’s worth a listen, believe me. I doubt you’ve ever heard an invocation to match it.

·       Let’s start the week with something uplifting.

·       Sounds like Vlad isn’t on the Mayor Pete bandwagon. “As long as I’m president, we won’t have (parent number one and parent number two). We will have ‘dad’ and ‘mom’, Putin said.

·       I’ve always believed that the financial crisis was in large part brought on by politicians interfering in the mortgage markets. They are at it again, and the unintended (?) consequences are not likely to be good. With a split Congress, it will probably not gain the traction necessary for passage.

·       I mentioned Friday that Bernie seemed a bit sheepish about flying first class. Here is the picture of him looking like a deer in the headlights.

·       Just so we don’t forget what utter hacks these people are…An Avenatti reprise. You need to watch both clips. We should rub their noses in it. So far exactly one of the twits championing the creepy porn lawyer has done a mea culpa, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. Hardly surprising, is it?

·       From St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, we have the chair of the communications dept. making some outrageous statements in class and when confronted he doesn’t exactly display the courage of his convictions. He should be summarily fired.

·       Great move, Mike. Bloomberg is apparently floating the possibility of naming Felonia von Pantsuit as his running mate. Good luck with that. Bloomberg is trying to shut down that speculation. Hardly blame him for that. As might have been expected, Bloomberg’s past is coming back to haunt him.

·       This post on PowerLine is titled The Flashman Papers Revisited. It is really a piece about the discovery of the Boswell papers, but draws a parallel with the series written by George MacDonald Fraser about Sir Harry Flashman. If you enjoy historical fiction, I recommend without qualification the Flashman series. I read them all when they first came out over thirty years ago. They are available on Kindle, and I would suggest starting with the first in the series. If you enjoy it, you can buy all the others individually or as a set. Sir Harry is a highly decorated British military hero who has been involved in some to the seminal events of the 19th century. In reality, he is a thorough cad and a craven coward. The books are tremendously enjoyable.

·       A word on Jeff Jensen, the attorney chosen to look into the Flynn prosecution.

·       With the former front-runners’ campaigns imploding, the media is having to push the narrative that Buttigieg and Klobuchar are moderates. Don’t make me laugh. Try this one on for size. Klobuchar says English should not be U.S. national language. Woke enough for you?

·       Who in the world would write this? Warren pays the price for her honesty. How about Warren pays the price for her serial lying and her total inability to tell the truth?

·       The University of Massachusetts Amherst has been in the news before. It is everything any rational person should find abominable in a college administration. This story is particularly telling, and infuriating. These people should be sued into oblivion.

·       The notion of a nonpartisan career civil service isn’t just a mirage. It’s a self-serving lie. An accurate assessment by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit. President Trump starts to drain the swamp, yanks Jessie Liu Treasury Dept. nomination. Related: This Tweet.

·       Let’s all cry some big ole crocodile tears over this one. EU leaders complain about spending more on defense due to President ‘Trump’s America First policy’.

·       Any active duty infantry soldier or veteran knows this is the way to handle an ambush. Trump charges the Liberal Hack’s Latest Ambush.

·       The Slow Joe super gaffe-a-matic tour continues. Check out this interview by Katie Couric.

·       Good luck with that campaign in the Midwest and other agricultural centers. Mike Bloomberg disses farmers. Unbelievable comment! Couldn’t resist a comment on Twitter. While he was at it he decided to go ahead and lose the elderly vote, too. He’s on a roll. Oh, and let’s diss the blacks and Latinos while we’re at it.

·       For all you pizza lovers out there.

·       Good advice. Blow up the bureaucracy.

·       You have to drink a lot of Kool-Aid to buy into this one. Obama tries to steal credit for booming Trump economy on President’s Day. Good idea. Let’s make the 2020 elections about the economy. Great strategy!