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In The News for Friday, February 14, 2020
Posted Feb 14 2020 7:38AM

·        Sounds like maybe his attorney might have done a better job on voir dire. The jury foreperson in the Roger Stone trial was found to have anti-Trump social media posts.

·        The President’s response to a reporter who asked a stupid question about what lesson he had learned from impeachment, obviously hoping for some kind of mea culpa. He said he learned that the Democrats are “crooked and vicious” and that he is now polling 10 points higher. Not exactly the chastened response the reporter was going for. Stephen Kruiser’s Morning Briefing: Granny Winebox Is Going to Hand This Election to Trump. …I’ve been joking that Trump may not even have to campaign to win re-election. All he has to do is exist, which drives all Democrats into such a state of irrational frenzy that better judgment becomes anathema to all of their political calculations.

·        A very good rundown on the state of the Democratic candidates from PowerLine. “Mayor Pete” has a basic problem: he is utterly unqualified for the presidency.

·        Noted serial liar and full-time harridan, Elizabeth Warren tells heartwarming anecdote about taking half of supporter’s money.

·        Devin Nunes has been spot on for three years so he should be listened to. He indicates there is more to come in the house cleaning going on.

·        More insanity from the tolerant left. Retired police officer in Nashville sucker punched for wearing hat given as a birthday present that said ‘Make 50 Great Again’.

·        I’ve been a Democrat for 20 years. Here’s what I experienced at Trump’s rally in New Hampshire. This is a very good read and, I suspect, indicative of what a lot of Democrats are starting to feel based on the high number of Democrats that have been attending Trump’s rallies.

·        “Not Sure” rising fast in the polls, edging out Mike Bloomberg. LOL. Stephen Green said “Hell No” was still his first choice.

·        Something tells me the President is really looking forward to his trip to California next week. Larry Ellison is hosting a fund-raiser at his ranch. I’m sure Better Midler and Rob Reiner will be there, probably out front carrying signs and foaming at the mouth. On Wednesday he’ll be holding a rally in Phoenix.

·        If you’re actually interested in the facts surrounding climate change and not just willing to accept a lot of nonsense from  celebrities who are abysmally ignorant or children like Greta Thunberg who know little or nothing about the subject, then I suggest you read Anthony Watts, whose web site is Watts Up With That. PowerLine has a good piece: Global Warming In A Few Charts.

Anthony Watts includes a United Nations poll showing that internationally, global warming ranks last among respondents’ concerns. Polls on this topic vary widely, but I think centuries of experience lead most people to believe that those who shriek hysterically, do so because they don’t have a good case. That, I think, is where the global warming movement is today.

·        I like the looks of this. How about an App that automatically cancels and sues robocallers? Sign me up.

·        I can understand Atty. Gen. Barr’s frustration. At the same time, there is a valid point of view expressed by the comment below his. Hopefully, the President will take these comments to heart. Barr is doing a very good job, so far. He’s essentially telling the President,”I got this.” The media was instantly offering up their patently ridiculous opinions, but much to their chagrin the White House seemed to be OK with it.

·        You cannot overstate the cultural damage South Park has done by making fun of smug liberals. Keep it up.

·        This shouldn’t be allowed to drop. The judge was lied to during voir dire. The jury foreman is an attorney and could face consequences.

·        Say what? The Sanders campaign is concerned that AOC is making them look too extreme. That would be difficult. Meanwhile, ‘man of the people’ Bernie looks sheepish as he flies first class. Can you spell T O N E  D E A F?

·        McClatchy files bankruptcy after judge rules against them in Devin Nunes defamation case. Couldn’t happen to a better arm of the media resistance.

·        Speaking of tonedeaf. Mike Bloomberg is trying his best to pay ‘influencers’ on Instagram to portray him as the ‘cool’ candidate. That’s a pretty tall order.

·        Get woke, go broke? It will be interesting to see if this issue lives up to the circulation records of prior issues. Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit finalists this year include a 56 year old, plus sized and bald models. Who knows? I never thought I’d see a major American political party about to nominate a Socialist.

·        Have we really come to this? A biologically male runner is set to compete in USA Women’s Olympic Trials.

·        I’d say the Democrat’s primary race hasn’t turned out as expected so far. As they head into Nevada, South Carolina and Super Tuesday, an avowed Socialist/Communist is leading the pack, followed closely by the inexperienced mayor of a fairly small town in Indiana. Slow Joe Biden’s run for the nomination appears to be about done for the umpteenth time in his career (he ran in 1988, 2008 and 2020 and has never won a single primary or caucus) and Massachusetts Senator and congenital liar Elizabeth Warren is probably through after being shellacked and not being able to carry even the Boston suburbs of New Hampshire, her contiguous state. One big question that hasn’t been answered, yet, is how Pete will play with minority voters. Early indications are not encouraging. Perhaps Nevada will give us a clue. Harry Reid is mobilizing the Culinary Union to fight Bernie. Here are nineteen of Bernie’s insane proposals. I’m sure there are more. Simply mind boggling in their stupidity.

·        The President had a pretty good night in New Hampshire.

·        The President pointed out that we now have four companies with over a $1 Trillion market capitalization. Microsoft Amazon Google Apple. Wonder why this jumped out at him?

·        First DHS and now DOJ as Trump administration declares war on sanctuary cities. Go for it!

·        Trump just had to turn the knife as Fauxcahontas implodes. She has turned into a subject of ridicule more than a serious contender.

·        The Great Reckoning Begins: Fix the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and Punish the Crooks Who Abused It.

·        Ever heard of the Double Farvel Maneuver? Neither have I, but it’s one of the cool stunts pulled off by the Blue Angels.

·        An interesting take on the ultimate effects of the Coronavirus. It will speed up the U.S.-China ‘decoupling’ more than the trade war. Should be good for Vietnam and Taiwan and South Korea.

·        Republicans on Schiff’s committee have had enough. So has everyone else.

·        Judge Sullivan has indefinitely postponed Gen. Flynn’s sentencing.

·        Trump Campaign Ad. Pretty impressive!  American exceptionalism.

·        Mitch’s motto: “Leave no vacancy behind.” Senate Republicans confirm 51st Federal Appeals Court Judge.

·        If you are one of those who have followed closely every twist and turn of the collusion charade, you’ll want to read this piece by Eric Felten of Real Clear Investigatons. He has been a great source over the course of this whole thing. Scott Johnson at PowerLine has comments on it