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In The News for Thursday, February 13, 2020
Posted Feb 13 2020 7:42AM

·        I’d say the Democrat’s primary race hasn’t turned out as expected so far. As they head into Nevada, South Carolina and Super Tuesday, an avowed Socialist/Communist is leading the pack, followed closely by the inexperienced mayor of a fairly small town in Indiana. Slow Joe Biden’s run for the nomination appears to be about done for the umpteenth time in his career (he ran in 1988, 2008 and 2020 and has never won a single primary or caucus) and Massachusetts Senator and congenital liar Elizabeth Warren is probably through after being shellacked and not being able to carry even the Boston suburbs of New Hampshire, her contiguous state. One big question that hasn’t been answered, yet, is how Pete will play with minority voters. Early indications are not encouraging. Perhaps Nevada will give us a clue. Harry Reid is mobilizing the Culinary Union to fight Bernie. Here are nineteen of Bernie’s insane proposals. I’m sure there are more. Simply mind boggling in their stupidity.

·        The President had a pretty good night in New Hampshire.

·        The President pointed out that we now have four companies with over a $1 Trillion market capitalization. Microsoft Amazon Google Apple. Wonder why this jumped out at him?

·        First DHS and now DOJ as Trump administration declares war on sanctuary cities. Go for it!

·        Trump just had to turn the knife as Fauxcahontas implodes. She has turned into a subject of ridicule more than a serious contender.

·        The Great Reckoning Begins: Fix the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and Punish the Crooks Who Abused It.

·        Ever heard of the Double Farvel Maneuver? Neither have I, but it’s one of the cool stunts pulled off by the Blue Angels.

·        An interesting take on the ultimate effects of the Coronavirus. It will speed up the U.S.-China ‘decoupling’ more than the trade war. Should be good for Vietnam and Taiwan and South Korea.

·        Republicans on Schiff’s committee have had enough. So has everyone else.

·        Judge Sullivan has indefinitely postponed Gen. Flynn’s sentencing.

·        Trump Campaign Ad. Pretty impressive!  American exceptionalism.

·        Mitch’s motto: “Leave no vacancy behind.” Senate Republicans confirm 51st Federal Appeals Court Judge.

·        Is it possible that these nitwits could be any more tone deaf. Hanoi Jane’s may be the most cringeworthy tweet of the evening, if not the year. It’s so important for all of us to make sure we only use ethically harvested gold and sustainable diamonds. When your wife asked why you didn’t get her any jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you now have a woke excuse. The jeweler was out of ethically harvested gold and sustainable diamonds. As for Joachim Phoenix’s woke diatribe on milk, I thought it was a stand-up comedy routine. Not a very good one, though.