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In The News for Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Posted Feb 12 2020 7:45AM

·        Noted film impresario, Barrack Obama, who has been in the business about two hours, received an Oscar for best documentary. His Directors, who decided to do an impression of the Coneheads, accepted the prize. I was dumbfounded to hear Julia Reichart utter one of the most iconic of Communist rallying cries as she accepted. “Workers of the world unite.”

·        Gen. Flynn never deserved what happened to him and I fervently hope his new attorney, Sidney Powell, is successful at getting his guilty plea withdrawn.

·        As Stephen Green says, “When the choice is either Arsenic or Cyanide… With Hours To Go New Hampshire voters just can’t make up their minds

·        I can’t wait to see this debate. If AOC has any sense at all, doubtful, she won’t get anywhere near a stage with Michelle Cabruso-Cabrera who has filed to run against her in the Democratic primary for Congress in New York’s 14th District.

·        Mini Mike’s gun control rally in Virginia didn’t quite work out as planned. 2nd Amendment supporters vastly outnumbered Bloomberg supporters.

·        Robot analysts outwit humans on investment picks, study shows. They still have to be programmed, though. They can just perform the tasks much faster. I suspect that like most things, the more it proliferates, the less of an edge it will have.

·        Interesting stats from the President’s rally in New Hampshire. 52,559 tickets sold, 24,732 voters identified, 17% of attendees didn’t vote in 2016, 25.4% of attendees were Democrats. All of his rallies have attracted large numbers of people who are not registered Republicans.

·        As the pendulum begins to swing, some interesting stuff is beginning to come out. I have high hopes that the lamestream media has lost control of the narrative.

·        Small Business Optimism continues to rise, hitting 104.3 in January, up from 102.7 in December. Worry is that it is getting more difficult to find qualified workers.

·        Great Map. How Tax Friendly Is Your State? Mine, Tennessee, is very tax friendly.

·        Another masterpiece from the Troll Master. Larry David wearing MAGA hat. Liberals are unhinged. Hilarious!

·        A treatise on insider trading and conflict of interest. Unbelievable! Watch.