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In The News for Monday, February 10, 2020
Posted Feb 10 2020 7:28AM

·        Always the highlight of my Saturday morning when I sit down with a cup of coffee. As I expected, this week’s Week in Pictures was a tour de force.

·        An outstanding article by Don Surber. WaPo Notices The Obvious. Some folks in D.C. seem to be catching on. I don’t think we have to worry, though. Most of the liberal “intelligentsia” and the Democrat operatives with bylines (the press) are still clueless.

·        This would appear to be the classic ‘no-brainer’. The White House has fired a couple of people whose loyalty was tested and failed, making them unsuitable to be members of the President’s administration. I expect there is more to come and there should be. The NSC is a notoriously leaky group. I suspect there is a place for Lt. Col. Vindman with Captain Stillman in the Arctic Command. LOLOLOL.

·        I’d say this is pretty good evidence of what the public thought of the impeachment process. The RNC raised $117 million from one million new donors during the proceedings.

·        If you’re not paying attention to this development, you should be. The Democrats have introduced in the House the most radical piece of immigration legislation you can imagine. It’s hard to believe. I can only surmise that President Trump has a mole in their midst like the aide who convinced Nancy that tearing up the SOTU would be a good idea. It’s called the “New Way Forward Act” and it is anything but. If you have a Democratic congressman who is supporting this, you should immediately contact him or her and express your disgust. Here is a good clip from Tucker Carlson on the act and the fact that not one single Democrat would appear to support it on his show. Tell you something?

·        true and so typical. The Morning Briefing by Stephen Kruiser.

One of the more bizarre aspects of AOC’s ongoing struggle with verbal diarrhea is that the media insists on celebrating everything she says actually having intellectual heft. Sure, it’s not unusual for the mainstream media to fawn over their own creations -- Beto O’Rourke comes to mind -- but the treatment of AOC stands out because she is truly a remarkably stupid woman.

O’Rourke - - a monumental moron in his own right - - us the second coming of Einstein compared to Ocasio-Cortez.

·        I have to admit that the two Hollywood buffoons whose dementia I’ve enjoyed the most are Bette Midler and Rob Reiner. Bette was triggered by the President’s tweet after acquittal, while most people saw it for what it was.

·        Rush Speaks: His Big Day. As the meme said, only President Trump could force all the Democrats to attend an award ceremony for Rush Limbaugh.

·        Climate Change activists are finally acting on their belief in reducing population.

·        Yale can be counted on to be in the forefront of wokeness. The Yale Administration has apologized for calling gender identity disorder ‘gender identity disorder’.

·        When the truly Yellow Dog Democrats get worried, you know you’re on the right track. James Carville is very concerned. He’s also part of the reason we are where we are.

·        Orson Bean died over the weekend after getting hit by a car in Venice, CA. He was 90. I’ve always liked him and enjoyed his with and dry sense of humor, but really didn’t know very much about him. You’ll find this piece in Powerline interesting as Orson writes about his life and how he turned it around when he was badly off track.

·        It would be fairly easy to post something every day vividly illustrating that AOC would give a sack of hammers a good run in an IQ contest. Here she tells us she has been enlightened by “Milton” Keynes. Is this the same AOC who supposedly has an economics degree from Boston College? I’d like to see that transcript. She was hilariously trolled on Twitchy. I, too, spend my days reading the works of noted economists like “Milton Keynes” and his good friends, philosophers Milton Berle and Milton Bradley.”

·        Chris Matthews isn’t feeling that old tingle up the leg for Bernie. It’s more like something is trickling down his leg, and the Bernie bros want him sacked. More leftist autophagy. An if losing Chris wasn’t bad enough, Saturday Night Live turned on the Dems, too.  

·        If for a split second you have had the thought that Mike Bloomberg is a viable alternative to the other clowns running for the Democratic nomination, you need to watch this. He is a self-identified member of the ‘intelligentsia’. Just what we need, another East Coast liberal who thinks they know better than we do how we should be governed. The good part of his candidacy is that he is spending millions that can’t be used for any other of his hair-brained ideas. By the way, this kind of thing cost Slow Joe Biden his bid for the presidency once before. Plagiarism is frowned upon, Mike.

·        Is someone out there trying to contact us? If so, they’re 500 million light years away.

·        Some of you may know who Katy Tur is. She is on MSNBC and is reliably barking mad on most issues and not that bright to start with. She actually thought you could gerrymander Senate races. As I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, the anchor desks of most networks are not occupied by the sharpest knives in the drawer.

·        Well, I know we’re all sad at this news. THE Joe Walsh has dropped out of the Republican race for the nomination. Who knew?

·        Am I ever looking forward to this confirmation hearing. You better stock up on popcorn if President Trump nominates Jay Sekulow when RBG finally throws in the towel. Democratic heads will explode on cue.

·        Wow! There have been a lot of jokes about Nancy Pelosi childish fit at SOTU and the fact that she seems to be losing her grip on reality. If this doesn’t make the case, I don’t know what does. While the rest of the sane world took Friday’s Employment Report for the confirmation that it was of the President’s economic  policies, Granny boxwine wasn’t having any of it.

·        We may see a shift in 2020 that will kneecap the Democrats. The New York Times reported on Friday that African Americans are seeing their wages rise after a decade of stagnation.

·        Two great ones from the paper of record, The Babylon Bee. 'Everything Is Fine,' Dems Report As Pelosi Cracks, Trump Acquitted, Primaries Implode All In One Week. Reminds me of something. And this one: With apologies to my Alabama subscribers Ilhan Omar Accused Of Appropriating Alabama Culture By Marrying Relative.

·        Mayor Bill de Blasio auditions for Captain Obvious. De Blasio admits that jump in crime rate in NYC is linked to bail bond reform. The voters in NYC have gotten exactly what they voted for. It’s hard to feel sympathy for them until they start electing competent people to public office.

·        It’s nice when someone with the clout of a Jeremy Siegel agrees with you. Professor Siegel says we need to throw out the old 60/40 stock bond mix and move toward a 75/25 mix. I would go further, but it’s a start.

·        If there were ever a poster child for changing American refugee policy, it is Ilhan Omar. What a thoroughly ungrateful, America hating individual. I wish there were some mechanism for revoking citizenship from those who got it on false pretenses.

·        As this post points out, “throughout his political career, he [Biden] has been a mediocrity at best.” His new political ad makes the comparison between his experience and Pete Buttigieg’s. Biden looks like he’s about done, but he is belatedly trying to hit back.