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In The News for Friday, February 7, 2020
Posted Feb 07 2020 7:57AM

·        A very small percentage of our population suffers from gender dysphoria, yet it seems to occupy a disproportionate focus in the media and by woke companies. This bit of virtue signaling by Starbucks is a good example.

·        Without so much as a hiccup, Mitch disposed of impeachment and immediately went back to confirming judges. Chuck Schumer was still in the hall conducting a post-impeachment whine-a-thon.

·        A liberal gets it. David Von Drehle, a columnist for the Washington Post had some very good comments on the President’s SOTU. It’s worth reading.

·        74% of people say they expect to be better off a year from now than they are today. It is the highest such finding Gallup has ever recorded.

·        Well, we kind of knew this was coming, didn’t we? Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) suggests Russia responsible for Iowa caucus voting problems. Boris and Natasha have been hard at work.

·        Elizabeth Warren was caught deplaning from a private jet and didn’t seem to want to be photographed. It was pretty obvious. Naturally, the Babylon Bee couldn’t let is pass.

·        This is going to well and truly tick off some “important people.” DHS suspends New Yorkers from Global Entry, other programs. Consequence of being a sanctuary city.

·        Jim Acosta steps in it again and is called out by Rush Limbaugh’s black producer.