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In The News for Thursday, February , 2020
Posted Feb 06 2020 7:20AM

·        Our Long National Nightmare Is Over. Not sure I totally agree with the headline, but I totally agree with the content of the article. Doug Jones of Alabama is done. You can just stick a fork in him. Mitt will spend the rest of his life disgraced. “The smoke will begin to clear, and I don’t think the Democrats will like the landscape that comes into focus.” The pendulum is already swinging in another direction. “Much will change between now and November, but this week has been a dark time for the Democratic Party, and a shining moment for America.”

·        It’s been an interesting week so far and we’ve still got a few days to go. To keep their Week in Pictures from getting out of hand, the folks at Powerline have put out a rare midweek edition.

·        As expected the President’s State Of The Union address and the events surrounding it have pretty much sucked all the air out of the room on social media for the last twenty-four hours. Republicans and Independents as well as a surprising number of Democrats and usually critical media types like Chris Cuomo have given the President plaudits for his optimistic speech and for the accomplishments he enumerated. As Stephen Kruiser said, “The President’s speech hit more high notes than the Vienna Boys’ Choir.” As another commentator said, we’ve descended into some sort of bizarre hell-world in which Piers Morgan is a voice of sanity.

·        C-Span reported reactions from a lot of Democrats following the President’s speech and Nancy Pelosi’s petulant behavior. It wasn’t the reaction she intended. Her behavior was a gift to the President’s reelection campaign. What you call in sports “an unforced error”.

·        I said at the very beginning of this whole impeachment exercise that the ultimate loser was likely to be Slow Joe Biden. I’m feeling pretty good about that prediction. This out today from the press office of Senators Grassley and Johnson.

·        I saw some unhinged comments from people like Stage 6 TDS sufferer Rob Reiner and noted political commentator Whoopi Goldberg about Rush Limbaugh’s receiving the Medal of Freedom. He was visibly moved. Contrast this award with one Obama made which was celebrated by the left despite the recipient’s being a pederast.

·        The late Lewis Grizzard was famous for sneaking a clever headline by his editor when he was a student sports reporter at the University of Georgia. It has been called by some the greatest headline in the history of sports journalism. It concerned an upcoming football game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and had to do with the fact that UGA linebacker Happy Dicks was out with an injury. I played on the same high school team with Happy, so I particularly enjoyed the story. All that is because I was reminded of it when I saw this headline about Elizabeth Warren. Fauxcahontas Flat Lines In Pocahontas! She finished 5th in the Pocahontas County, IA caucus.