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In The News for Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Posted Feb 05 2020 8:13AM

·        WOW! The President’s State Of The Union Address hit all the right buttons with me, and what better ending that to see Nancy Pelosi disgrace herself in front of the millions of Americans watching by tearing up the President’s speech. I watched in utter disbelief as she helped committee to re-elect the President with a clip that I suspect will see a lot of air time between now and November. Watch the clip. Here’s a comment from someone else who had the same reaction. LOLOLOL. ABC’s Jonathan Karl’s comment: “When the speech was over, the Democrats ran for the exits.”  

·        Jennifer Rubin, who the Washington Post laughably tries to pass off as a conservative, gets a real case of the vapors watching Adam Schiff. She said she was so glad to be alive “to hear him speak.” Chuck Schumer, with a straight face no less, called Schiff’s summation in front of the Senate “just about the best speech I’ve ever heard.” He told reporters he was “so moved.” Both have been mocked mercilessly on Twitter.

·        Competing headlines: Iowa Has the Democrat Party Looking More Incompetent Than Ever. Contrasted with: GOP of Iowa Successfully Tallies Caucus Votes in Timely Fashion – Trump Wins 97%.

·        Once again, President Trump has triggered an opponent. “Mini-Mike” isn’t happy with his new moniker and plans to retaliate. This should be fun. Once again President Pavlov has jerked the chain and gotten the expected bark almost immediately. The Bloomberg ad criticizing President Trump used Obama era footage of caged migrants. Are these people just totally incompetent?

·        CNN ridiculed for report that President Trump won’t apologize after impeachment acquittal. You’d think that they would be pretty used to ridicule by now as Zucker continues to lead the company down the path to single digit viewership. What kind of company continues to support a leader who has demonstrated he is totally incapable of successfully leading the organization?

·        I’ve been following this and voted in it. The results are in and CNN’s Brian Stelter won going away in the Liberal Hack tournament on Twitter. Jennifer Rubin was the runner-up.

·        A new entry in the ‘Get Woke, Go Broke’ sweepstakes. A Connecticut craft brewery stepped on their hops and is suffering well-deserved backlash.

·        Trump Surging After Iowa Winning Iowa Dem Caucus. Please watch the imbedded Monty Python clip. It is priceless!

·        A friend and reader alerted me to this. For all my folliclely challenged readers, this looks like a real bargain at only $999 for the entry level cap. I’m assuming you can get it imprinted with MAGA for a slight additional fee. The Capillus Laser Therapy Cap. For $2999 you can get a version that will make you look like Don King.

·        Rafiki is apparently alive and well in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

·        If you’ve never seen this Tucker Carlson interview with Richard Dreyfuss, you need to watch it. Not everyone in Hollywood is an automaton for the dimwittery of the left. He makes some excellent points, particularly on the necessity of teaching Civics in our schools.