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In The News for Tuesday, February , 2020
Posted Feb 04 2020 7:50AM

·        Luckily, as a nation we apparently haven’t lost our minds just yet. 52% of Americans viewed Capitalism positively while just 19% viewed Socialism positively. That number should be more like 90%, but at least it isn’t close.

·        Great T-Shirt: “Settle for Biden”. Interesting to see the Dems begin to draw protesters like the Republicans are used to dealing with.

·        From American Greatness: Up Schiff’s Creek by Victor Davis Hanson.

·        I knew immediately that something didn’t ring true when I saw Bloomberg’s Super Bowl anti-gun ad. It didn’t take the fact checkers long to show why. His claim about children killed by gun violence is off by 73%. One of the problems with the anti-second amendment crowd is that they can never make their argument without trying to distort the facts.

·        Bernie draws “massive” crowd of 3,000 to Cedar Rapids rally on Saturday night. If that few people showed up for a Trump rally, the press would have a field day. In Bernie’s case it was “massive.” I suppose in relation to his fellow candidates it was. The same night saw Biden, Warren and Buttigieg draw crowds ranging from 158 to over 700.

·        I personally thought the Super Bowl halftime show was just painful to watch, but then I’m probably not the target audience. I found it interesting that I’m not alone. “Mommy, what’s a stripper pole?”

·        Richard Sherman, cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers, made a prophetic prediction prior to the Super Bowl that I should have paid more attention to and given my bookie a call. The last betting line I saw out of Vegas was the Chiefs giving up about 4½. He said he probably wouldn’t visit the White House after the Super Bowl. He got that right, didn’t he?

·        Can it get any funnier? As I’ve said on numerous occasions, President Trump could give Pavlov lessons based on how he is able to so easily and effortlessly trigger the left. Pull chain, wait for bark. His joke that Mike Bloomberg was looking for a box to stand on during the Democratic debate immediately set off the Democratic operatives news anchors at MSNBC and CNN. Mayor Bloomberg claims to be 5’8” tall. Look at this picture and you be the judge.

·        I think it’s fair to say that anyone who hasn’t been wandering in the wilderness and totally out of touch with civilization knows that Adam Schiff is a liar and a despicable human being. Watching him totally lose his mind on national television, though, is extremely entertaining. Just when you think he can’t possibly go further round the bend, he finds a new fork in the road to crazy.

·       DNC considers asking Donald Trump to run as Democrat in effort to stop Sanders. They're getting a little desperate.