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In The News for Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Posted Jan 29 2020 5:43AM

·        You may remember an old joke, the punchline of which is “spell Chrysanthemum.” That’s kind of what trying to get Swiss citizenship reminds me of. One thing is sure, you better have assimilated if you want to have a prayer.

·        If the November 2020 election turns out to be as lopsided as I think it is shaping up to be, you can look to things like this as precisely the reason why. CNN’s Don Lemon and a panel with a couple of lightweights mocked Trump supporters as “illiterate, credulous rubes.”  Keep it up, guys. This clip has gone supersonic viral. It didn’t take the GOP long to get out a campaign ad, fundraiser off it.

·        I watched yesterday’s impeachment defense and though Pat Cipollone’s closing argument was nearly perfect. If Schiff or Nadler were capable of shame, they would have withdrawn the impeachment articles on the spot. During part of his closing, he let the Democrats make his point for him.

·        I wonder if we can draw any conclusion from this kind of support. It’s Monday night in New Jersey and it’s about 30 degrees, yet thousands are waiting in line for a Trump rally that doesn’t start until Tuesday night…in 30-degree weather…in New Jersey. ABC reported that people had been camping out since Sunday afternoon. There have been 100,000 ticket requests for a venue that holds 7,500. I’ve got a hunch that these people will crawl over broken glass and hot coals to get to the polls in November. Just a wild guess. Did I mention this is taking place in New Jersey?

·        I keep trying to keep track of the pandemic of TDS stage 4 outbreaks, but it’s getting harder and harder as the outbreaks spread. This is one of the most frightening. Lawrence O’Donnell isn’t wrapped very tight to start with, but this is kind of off the charts even for him. He believes that Trump may have killed Soleimani “to influence Bolton not to testify to the Senate.” My first impression was that this must be from the Babylon Bee, but no…