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In The News for Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Posted Jan 20 2020 9:09PM

·        Obviously, this skates pretty close to not being satire. Particularly in light of this. Much to the mainstream media and liberal news outlets’ (but I repeat myself) chagrin, the pro-gun rally in Richmond was peaceful. The headlines dripped of disappointment.

·        And here’s a little update on Russian collusion. Not exactly the narrative the MSM has been flogging.

·        The New York Times has endorsed both Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic nomination. They actually (I’m not making this up) referred to Liz as “a gifted storyteller.” I liked Stephen Kruiser’s comments:   The Times' reasoning is a tortured jumble of identity politics hell and ORANGE MAN BAD ZOMG RACISM nonsense. Imagine if The Onion writers had all lost their senses of humor, contracted malaria and, while delirious from dehydration, mistakenly thought they still had some relevance in the world.

·        By the way, here is an article from 2012. Despite all the denials by Lieawatha that she never tried to benefit from claiming American Indian heritage, the facts are somewhat different. Harvard claimed on more that one occasion that she was the “first woman of color” hired by Harvard Law School. They also referred to her as Native American in a 1996 Crimson article. How inconvenient.     

·        Kind of like the old Sear Roebuck catalogs from early in the twentieth century. Amazon is selling entire houses for less than $20,000 – with free shipping.

·        I commented on this the other day. The commentators at Powerline had the same reaction that I did. The Horror: Trump Balked At Being Spoon Fed Conventional Wisdom.

·        This letter to the Senate from the President’s lawyers is about all you need to know about the House’s chances of getting anywhere with their ridiculous articles.

·        I can’t recommend watching this highly enough. I started it out of curiosity and wound up watching the whole hour totally fascinated. It is the David Rubin podcast in which he interviews two Swedes, one a successful businessman and the other a comedian who comments on Swedish society and culture.

·        One of those moments that just make you proud to be an American. More than 6,000 soldiers were in Reykjavik, Iceland partipating in a NATO military exercise. After it was over the troops descended on the Reykjavik bar scene where they proceeded to drink the city’s entire supply of beer. The brewery Olgero Egils Skallagrimssonar had to rush in emergency supplies to the bars. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said that beer is proof God loves us.

·        As always, Victor Davis Hanson is worth reading. Progressive Petards. “Few understood the Thucydidean concept that once nihilists destroy norms and protocols of ethical behavior for perceived short-term advantage, they usually rue the loss when they themselves become victims of their own biased zealotry and are in dire need of the civilizational help they recently ruined.

·        Watch Adam Schiff Tell Three Laughable Impeachment Whoppers in Less Than 90 Seconds. Notable quote from Shifty: “The Constitution is “out of the mainstream.” As I’ve said before, what he needs is a good caning on the Capitol steps. Not to be outdone, Jabba the Congressman Nadler appeared on Face the Nation and outright lied. Another good candidate for caning.

·        Hey, I’m Okay with this. Bernie supporters plan to boycott election if Biden is nominee: people will sit at home. I think anyone who could countenance voting for that communist ought to sit home.

·        Sympathy for Sanders? I Have None. My sentiments exactly.

·        From Instapundit. Yeah, Pretty Much. A tweet from Sharyl Attkisson.

·        Needless to say, this could be huge! A Cardiff University team has discovered a method of killing prostate, breast, lung and other cancers in lab tests by harnessing a newly discovered part of our immune system. Experts said that although work was still at an early stage, it was very exciting. That’s an understatement. I would guess that it will be fast-tracked.

·        The new ISIS replacement for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been identified as an Iraqi named Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi. If I were him, I would keep a close eye out my window. Just saying.

·         It’s about time we addressed this. President Trump to crack down on ‘birth tourism.’