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In The News for Monday, January 20, 2020
Posted Jan 20 2020 1:46PM

·        I realized that my Monday posts were getting awful long, so I’ve started doing an additional weekend post. If you want to catch up, here it is.

·        Quote of the Week from the late Joseph Sobran: “’Need’ now means wanting someone else’s money. ‘Greed’ means wanting to keep you own. ‘Compassion’ is when a politician arranges the transfer.” Honorable Mention from Mark Twain, who I assume was talking about liberals: “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.”

·        For those of you interested in the stock market, and I assume that is almost all of my readers, I highly encourage you to add Chris Ciovacco’s Saturday Morning updates to your routine. I find his studies of past markets very helpful for putting the present into context. They are typically about thirty minutes long and very well put together.

·        At a Goldman Sachs conference last week, the attendees were polled. 87% expect President Trump to be re-elected, 5% see a recession developing this year, 35% see one materializing in 2021, 45% expect a bear market in 2021 and 67% expect the Fed to hold rates steady this year. Interestingly, 60% of the respondents expect the stock market to return 0% to 10% this year.

·        The Week in Pictures: Blowout Impeachment Edition.

·        From American Thinker, a very good rundown on the most recent development in the impeachment scam. Lev Parnas? Really? As the author said in this great analogy, “…Rachel Maddow [grabbed] at this turd (mistaking it yet again for the game ball) ran with it into the end zone and declared victory.” Even Bill Maher sees the glaring flaws in the Democrats strategy. When you’ve lost Bill…

·        An article in The Atlantic about Trump’s foreign policy. Very good. The author, obviously not a fan of President Trump, is pretty much forced to admit the President’s successes, while trying to downplay them as perhaps being accidental. They are anything but.

·        Why People Hate The Media, Chapter 12,186.

·        In Glenn Reynolds post on this subject, he states “It’s weird how ‘Fix America’s Democracy’ always turns out to mean ‘rig things so the left always wins.’” Hard to believe this was published in the Harvard Law Review. Well, maybe not.

·        As I said the other day, liberal hacks don’t like being called liberal hacks. CNN can’t take a punch. Having a glass jaw isn’t a good thing for “hard hitting journalists.”

·        The list is actually far longer, but here are twenty-two times Trump made fools of the “experts.” To name just a few: Trump’s victory will crash the stock market. Trump can’t bring manufacturing jobs back to America. Trump will never get Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA. The tariffs on China will destroy the economy. Trump can’t win a trade war with China. Trump will never make American energy independent. Trump can’t lower the Unemployment Rate. There are so many more.

·        Taking trolling to a master level. Trump announces plan to remove noted dietician’s school lunch standards on her birthday.

·        The United Kingdom’s answer to knife violence, make knives with square tips. I’d suggest implementing a good handgun carry permitting system. Crime rates have fallen wherever carry permits have risen. And, they are a lot easier to wield than Narwhal tusks.  

·        Pay with your palm? It would sure cut down on credit card theft and hacking. I hardly know anyone who hasn’t had a credit card hacked. I got a call one night asking me if I was trying to book a plane ticket from London to the Caribbean and another time asking me if I was trying to wire money through Western Union to Nigeria. Those damn Nigerians still haven’t sent me that $50 million they wanted me to run through my bank account to help the prince get his money out of the country.

·        NBC tells CNN, “Hold My Beer.” More in the annals of media mediocrity. Actually, it doesn’t come up to the standards of mediocrity.

·        It continues to baffle me that this could happen in a civilized society with the police aware and not taking any action. Great Britain is much worse off than we think. I believe that if it were happening here you would see vigilante groups taking action.

·        You may have noticed that my comments on Bernie have picked up a bit as he has amazingly risen in the polls among Democrats. Let’s not forget he was the presidential elector in Vermont for the Trotskyite Socialist Workers’ Party, of which he was a member. Alone among Amerians, they were on the side of Iran during the 1979 occupation of the U.S. embassy in Tehran. He is an execrable human being who has never contributed anything to the country that has tolerated his stupidity and treasonous behavior.

Bernie Sanders.png

·        Mexico steps up and stops illegal immigrants, mostly Hondurans, at the Guatemalan border. It would be nice to know who is financing these attempted caravans. I have my suspicions.

·        The FBI wants to treat Carter Page warrant mistakes like training problems. A Court Adviser says that’s not enough. It’s far from enough. Laws were broken and people need to be held accountable for their crimes.

·        The Prince, formerly known as Prince. Good grief. Does this merit over two minutes of national television coverage? It’s a subject that I couldn’t care less about involving two people I couldn’t care less about. My sentiments exactly.

·        I don’t recall seeing this reported on any of the mainstream media outlets.  

·        You gotta love Texas