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In The News-Weekend Edition for Saturday, January 18, 2020
Posted Jan 18 2020 7:34AM

·        As opposed to most of the stuff on the internet that goes viral, this one deserves to.

·        This couldn’t happen to a more deserving elected official. Rep. Ilhan Omar is being investigated for multiple offenses by the Feds.

·        It certainly appears that the FISA Court was somewhat complicit, if not totally disingenuous, in the FBI’s manipulation of the process. Part Three of Powerline’s series, We Now Know: FISA Court Must Go.

·        Powerline has a weekly columnist who writes every Friday under the nom de plume Ammo Grrrll. I usually enjoy her columns/diatribes and she has a wicked sense of humor, as she used to be a stand-up comedienne. Friday’s piece was a typically un-PC look at the ridiculousness of “dead naming”, a term I have to admit I’d never heard of. For a good look at the ridiculous place we’ve found ourselves on the subject of gay marriage and transgenderism, I encourage you to read this. She has some very un-PC, but hilarious, comments on boy mayor Buttigieg. She ends with, “We have entered a whole ‘nother surreal realm of Crazy. Nothing good can come of it.”

·        Maybe your parents and grandparents were cooler and more badass than you realize. Great montage.

·        Steven Kruiser’s comments on “Grandpa Stalin” and “Fauxcahontas” were so spot on I’ll just re-print them verbatim:

There wasn’t a lot of love left in the room between Grandpa Stalin and Fauxcahontas after Tuesday night’s debate. After audio surfaced of the confrontation, tensions on the far-left fringe heightened.

After having convinced enough stupid Americans to buy the socialist nonsense, the progs have been enjoying some mainstream popularity this primary season. The lunatic fringe is now worried that they’re going to lose what ground they’ve gained.

This he said/she said battle probably won’t end well for Warren. She is a proven serial, pathological liar. Bernie is crazy, to be sure, but he doesn’t have the history of making things up that Warren does. He just says remarkably stupid stuff.

Then again, the progressives aren’t known for letting reality get in the way of whatever is going on in front of them.

·        This just blew me away. Adam Schiff was a question of Jeopardy, and none of the contestants knew who he was.

·        If you haven’t been following this ridiculous development in New York, you’ll be amazed at the total lack of common sense involved. Maybe not. It is, after all, New York. Releasing felons back into the population with no bail. What could possibly go wrong?

·        Can’t argue with retired Navy Seal Robert O’Neill. “You elected these morons.”

·        In case you’re looking for a new pied a Terre, the largest home in Tennessee is hitting the market for $14.5 million. It is the 84th largest home in the U.S. Quite a bargain compared to Beverly Hills. Hopefully, the outside isn’t painted orange.

·        As Stephen Green says, “As long as there are exams, there will be prayer in schools.”

·        An interesting article in the DailyBeast about a meeting in July 2017 between President Trump, Secty of State Rex Tillerson and Secty of Defense Jim Mattis and other Generals. The purpose was to share with the President the military’s views on our allies and their views on the world from 30,000 feet. One official said, “We needed to change how he thinks about this, to course correct…”Trump was accused of having a meltdown and supposedly at the end of the meeting Rex Tillerson uttered the words, “He’s a f**king moron.” I find that in reading this, it appears to me that the President’s views have turned out to be right. Ignoring the statist views of an entrenched State Department and Military Bureaucracy seem to have borne fruit. Maybe the “f**king morons” were the generals and diplomats.

·        An ISIS leader was arrested in Mosul, Shifaa Al-Nima, known as Jabba the Jihadi is the guy that obviously put the fat in fatwa.  Something tells me they didn’t have to chase him down. They actually had to use a flat-bed truck as a paddy wagon. As one commenter said, Allahu, Snackbar. I assume the swat team went in wearing masks. I can only imagine the level of methane in that room. Also, “turns out high-fructose corn syrup must be a key ingredient in IED’s.” Some of the comments had me rolling on the floor.

·        President Trump has assembled a killer legal team. If I were him, I would make sure Sidney Powell was on it.

·        As he languishes in jail on multiple charges, perhaps Avenatti can take solace that Ana Navarro compared him to  the Holy Spirit. I see 2020 setting up as one of the most major rebukes of a political party in our history.

·        An interesting take on Bloomberg’s candidacy. He might be setting himself up to run as an independent.

·        Liberal Hacks are not happy about this. Arizona Senator Martha McSally has registered a web site, You can even get a T-shirt. LOLOL!. Also, a joint fundraising effort by President Trump and Mitch McConnell are offering a takeoff on the well-known T-shirt America – Back to Back World War Champs. It’s Back To Back Supreme Court Champs.