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Over a thirty-five year career in the investment business, we have developed a strategy for assessing the prevailing trend in the financial markets and for investing accordingly. We rely on a combination of Technical, Quantitative and Fundamental analysis, market trends and identify promising sectors and industry groups. We then select specific stocks within those sectors that demonstrate potential for generating significant capital appreciation.   Read more >>

What Others Say About Reveille

I wanted to take this time to thank you for writing REVEILLE OVER THE MANY YEARS! I have been in this business for almost 40 yrs and every once and awhile you find an exceptional product that supports the money management business. The Reveille and John Wilson fit into the category of a great product and a very knowledgeable individual, THE BEST!!

Richard L. Preis
Managing Director NYSE Firm

Reveille is an absolutely essential daily touch with about 80% of my clients. I can’t tell you the number of days in a typical week that clients simply respond to my Reveille email saying please give me a call or we need to look at thus and so. What a valuable service and business tool!

William B. Fowler
Vice-President NYSE Firm

There is no reason to show up for work if there is no daily commentary from your desk.

Warren B. Meretsky
Vice-President NYSE Firm

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About John S. Wilson, CFA

John S. Wilson, CFA, is the author of Reveille, a Pre-Opening Market Wake-Up Call.  Mr. Wilson began his career as a Financial Advisor with J.C. Bradford & Co. in 1976 and then joined Alex. Brown & Sons prior to moving over to the Sell side of the Street where he managed Trust Account assets both in the Equity markets and the Fixed Income markets and served as the Portfolio Manager of an Aggressive Growth Common Fund. He received his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1985. In 1987, he joined Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc. in Institutional Equity Sales and for ten years covered some of the largest institutional equity investors in the United States, achieving annual membership in the firm’s Chairman’s Club and promotion to Managing Director.  Read more >>

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