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In The News for Friday, December 30, 2022
Posted Dec 30 2022 12:42PM

·        I commented on Dec. 23rd about the FBi’s reaction to being outed by Elon Musk for their collusion with and use of Twitter to censor anything unfavorable to Democrats. Professor Jonathan Turley commented on the story.

It is not clear what is more chilling: the menacing role played by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Twitter’s censorship program or its mendacious response to the disclosure of that role. This week saw another FBI “nothing-to-see-here” statement to the release of files detailing how it actively sought to suppress the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election, gave millions to Twitter, and targeted even satire or tiny posts that did not conform with its guidelines.

·        Today’s blacklisted American: The FBI’s purge of conservative forces one agent to sue. They may be beyond repair to the point where the HQ building needs to be razed and the earth below it salted.

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit on behalf of FBI analyst Marcus Allen in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina against FBI Director Christopher Wray for violating Allen’s constitutional rights by falsely accusing him of holding “conspiratorial views,” stripping his security clearance, and suspending him from duty without pay. The FBI revoked his security clearance because apparently the FBI believes that any views contrary to its own regarding what occurred on January 6 constitutes disloyalty to the United States.

·        Good news. Three DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Staffers Resign From Princeton University Accusing School of No Support. The real good news would be if the whole department had resigned, and the administration abolished it.

·        Why Free Speech Is Important. Worth reading.

We have just lived through a respiratory virus epidemic and many are wondering, Why did our government and the social media platforms block any intelligent discussion of the virus that was making its way around the globe?

·        In one study, over 700 male and female social drinkers were divided into groups of three strangers and instructed to drink for 36 minutes.” Could alcohol and the social bonding it creates be the reason for civilization? Drunk: How We Sipped, Danced, and Stumbled Our Way to Civilization. I’ve known for some time that a good Martini before dinner can do wonders for social interaction. Of course, moderation is the key. As Dorothy Parker said, “One Martini if fine, two at the very most. At three I’m under the table. At four I’m under the host.”  

·        Well, they made the rules. They can play under them. “Asked in a new Rasmussen Reports survey if the incoming GOP House majority should release the taxes of Democrats who voted to reveal Trump’s taxes, 54% said yes.”

·        We Are Governed By Crooks And Morons: Department of Homeland Security Can’t Even Secure Its Buildings Against People It Fired.

·        Republicans pounce on the poor beleaguered FBI. Not nearly hard enough, yet. It needs to be torn down to the foundation and rebuilt from the ground up. Some need to be tried for treason.

·        Someone want to explain to me why in the hell the CDC is pressuring teachers to increase “LGBTQ inclusivity” in classroom instruction? Another government bureau that needs to be dismantled and rebuilt.

·        Bad news for legacy media. Elon Musk to Media: Info Coming Out of Twitter Has ‘Only Just Begun.’

·        Harsh, but true. Pete Buttigieg is so awful at his job people actually know who the Sec. of Transportation is. In case you think this is a little harsh, I challenge you to name the previous two.

·        The insane level of violence has led many Chicago residents to refer to the city as “Chiraq.” Study: Dem-run Chicago 3X more dangerous than Afghan combat zone, and it gets worse.  

·        An interesting take on the George Santos controversy. He may actually be one of the few honest politicians in Washington, D.C. now. LOL. Compared to Joe Biden, DaNang Dick Blumenthal and Adam Schiff, he is a paragon of honesty.

·        Vietnam sets the pace. Vietnam’s GDP rose 8.02% in 2022, the fastest pace in Asia.  

·        The final act of the Omnibus monstrosity is truly unbelievable.

Try to imagine the outrage that would ensue if Donald Trump took a Caribbean vacation during a deadly winter storm (which is bad enough) and then had a $1.7 trillion boondoggle flown to him to sign because he couldn’t be bothered to move his vacation back a day. The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the legacy press would have been overwhelming. There would have been dozens of stories written about how elitist and wasteful such a move is. CNN would have lost its ever-loving mind.