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In The News for Monday, April 10, 2023
Posted Apr 10 2023 7:58AM

·        Well, this is just an amazing coincidence and I’m sure there is no quid pro quo involved. 3 Days After Hunter Biden Joined Burisma Board, VP Biden Pushed For Fracking In Ukraine.

 If this report is any indication, Burisma’s appointment of Hunter Biden to its board paid immediate dividends. And it is just one more story that flies in the face of President Biden’s repeated denials of involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings.

Major Banks hit with subpoenas as part of investigation into Biden family financial dealings.

·        Have we reached Peak Madness? Every time I’ve thought so the loonies and wokerati find a way to raise the bar. This one has been a beaut! Reports are that Budweiser let their whole advertising department go. Now we find that Nike has gotten on board. Not a huge surprise as Nike has been left-wing for some time. They have actually scolded their customers who are upset by their partnership with the gender dysphoric Mr. Mulvaney who likes to dress up like little girls.  If you had made this up you would have been committed for insanity. Not to be outdone by corporate America, the Biden Administration is spending hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars for the translation of the Homosaurus into Spanish.

·        Corporate America Is Woke. Now What? It will be interesting to see how consumers react. Early indications are that Budweiser sales have gone over a cliff.

·        Beyond Baghdad Bob. Incredible. NSC spokesman John Kirby inherits the matle.

·        The Aspen Institute is funded by donors such as the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and, yes, you tax dollars. This is a disturbing story. Aspen Institute Conducted ‘Pre-Bunk’ Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story in June 2020.   

·        This is what happens as we head down that slippery slope of acting like gender dysphoria is natural. More “Trans” Violence. Men are pretending to be women and we’re supposed to pretend along with them. I don’t think so. The people involved in this episode should be harshly dealt with, but in San Francisco that is unlikely. They should have been immediately loaded into the paddy wagon and hauled off to jail.