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In The News for Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Posted Sep 02 2020 7:46AM

·       An incredible article in Democratic Party web site Axios suggests that while President Trump may seem to have won by a huge margin on election night –“potentially in a landslide” – he could ultimately lose when all the votes are counted. The article is an explanation of voter fraud plans.  

·       Insanity Wrap #40. Joe hits the campaign trail, It hits back.

·       Not because of me. I stopped a long time ago. NBA  Ratings ‘Cratering.’

·       Obviously, Nancy Pelosi believes that the rules don’t apply to her. Queen of hypocrisy. As beauty salons in San Francisco are shut down, Nancy has a salon open for her to get a private wash and blow dry and the owner ratted her out and shared video footage.  

·       Oregon Sheriffs tell Gov. Brown to pound sand. They won’t help Portland under current circumstances.

·       Have the lockdowns been more lethal than the Coronavirus? A new study by Revolver News concludes that the lockdowns are ten times more deadly than the coronavirus.

·       The President meets with law enforcement officials in Kenosha. If Portland had done what they did it would be a different situation. Residents greeted the President with open arms.

·       Antifa ‘commander’ folds into fetal position and cries after being caught by police with flamethrower and smoke grenades on way to a protest in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Also charged with pointing a loaded gun at police. Matthew Banta needs to spend some quality time in jail to reflect on his pathetic life.

·       The creators of The Babylon Bee have started a new site that is not satire, but reads like it could be. It is called Not The Bee. Here’s an example from first issue. Hard to believe the video isn’t satire.  

·       Okay. There is crazy and there is just plain stupid crazy. D.C. Mayor’s committee recommends removing the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. I remember when Washington, D.C. wasn’t allowed to govern itself without Congressional oversight. I think we need to go back to that era. The Constitution grants the United States Congress exclusive jurisdiction over the District in “all cases whatsoever.” It’s only been since 1973 that Congress allowed certain powers of government to be carried out by locally elected officials. The District’s elected government serves at the pleasure of Congress and could be theoretically be revoked at any time. I think it’s high time. Local government has been a disaster since its inception.

·       As we near November some Democrats are getting very nervous. From the paper of record. Democrats growing increasingly nervous that Biden will live through election day.  

·       They’re biting the hand that has fed them. Portland Antifa rioters celebrate Mayor’s birthday by setting off fireworks at his condo. They burned a dentist’s office on the first floor.

·       How does this play with you? NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the league will imprint “End Racism” and “It Takes All Of Us” in the end zones at each stadium during the 2020 season. So far we’ve seen NBA viewership fall off a cliff. Look for the same to happen to NFL viewership. I’m so over professional sports.