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In The News for Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Posted Jan 05 2022 7:13AM

·       A Controlled Experiment. We’ve skipped the twilight between night and day and gone straight to nightmare.

Proponents of communism often say it’s never really been tried. Progressivism can no longer make that excuse. Its doctrines are being widely implemented by earnest practitioners with wide establishment support. The results have come in with astonishing speed. Mayhem and misery at an open national border. Riot and murder in lawless city neighborhoods. Political indoctrination of schoolchildren. Government by executive ukase. Shortages throughout the world’s richest economy. Suppression of religion and private association. Regulation of everyday language—complete with contrived redefinitions of familiar words and ritual recantations for offenders. Sound familiar?

·       Monsieur Zemmour’s New Year’s Address:

This could easily have been given here by someone in the America First wing of the Republican Party with a few word changes. Zemmour has his work cut out, but together he and Le Pen are outpolling Macron.

My dear countrymen— I’m not going to talk to you in the stilted language of typical new year’s resolutions. The upcoming year will be a very important year, out of those still to be carved into the history of France.

One day, I promise you, our descendants will say of us, “In 2022, they were courageous. They were clearsighted. They were great ones. They measured up to faith their nation put in them. They believed in themselves. They believed in France. They were audacious, intelligent, hardworking and ambitious. They were French.”

They will say of us, “They left behind a nightmare five year term, which was led by a void of a Presidency without form or content, to economic decline, to uncontrolled pandemic, to invasive insecurity, to immigration run wild, to unbridled Islamization— not to speak of the weakening of their identity.”

“And to the amazement of all, they conquered fate. They refused to submit. They took their destiny into their own hands. They turned back political correctness and censorship. They convinced, and they vindicated, and they initiated the Reconquest.”

They will say of us, “They were the generation that refused to play the hypocritical games of professional politicians. They had the courage to see what is real. They had the daring of truth, armed with their history, their traditions, their culture, their way of life— everything that makes them proud. In 2022, they did away with tepidity, wiped out weakness and shattered mediocrity.”

They will say of us, “They were the generation that brought back to an unrivaled nation the grandeur of its independence, the power of its commerce, the dignity of its farmers, the genius of its artisans, the splendor of its industry. They were free men of free France.”

2022 will be the year of our last chance. We cannot give up. We alone have the choice. I need you— your optimism, your enthusiasm, your power of conviction. On the evening of April 24, 2022, we will be renewed— this country with no other equal, that takes pride in belonging to no one, in submitting to no one, that obeys only its own destiny. The road is wide open before us. We just have to win. And we will win, because we have the courage, and we want it. We wanted it before. We have wanted it for so long.

Now, leave doubt and bitterness behind us. Goodby to weakness, resignation and submission. Goodbye, Emmanuel Macron. Hello, France. The Reconquest begins tonight at midnight. The future will be proud of us. Our children and grandchildren will be proud of us.

Happy New Year, from the bottom of my French heart. Long live 2022, long live the Republic, long live the Reconquest, and above all, long live FrancTop of Form

·       A very interesting article on what the future might hold in terms of COVID. Cases up, deaths down as the Omicron variant may well provide a good level of immunity to the population.

·       A University of Southern California professor sticks to his guns amid “woke” outcry from students and administration.

·       A long way to go but a fascinating possibility. Speed approaching 99% of the speed of light. Earth to Mars in 12.5 minutes.

·       While it’s true that I’ve always found it rather easy to mock the Democrats, it’s never been as nearly effortless as it is these days. They’ve become such a spectacle that it’s almost as if they’re doing it for my benefit- Stephen Kruiser. Dems love affair with Liz Cheney will sink them. My friends in Wyoming tell me she couldn’t get elected dog-catcher.

·       AOC, the gift that just keeps on giving. Busted Again: AOC Maskless and Kissing Broadway Star at Florida Drag Queen Event. As Gov. DeSantis said, “If I had a dollar for every lockdown politician who decided to escape to Florida over the last two years, I’d be a pretty doggone wealthy man.”

·       Viagra. Is there anything it can’t raise? Viagra lifts woman out of coma. She was 72 hours away from having her ventilator turned off.

·       If Mark Ellis is right, it’s going to get real interesting in Washington, D.C. over the next few years. Take No Prisoners.

·       I’m getting the feeling that people are about over the “narrative” and are looking for real news as opposed to the crap disseminated by Fauci et al. Here is some evidence. It may explain the left’s fears and desperation. 

·       In California no less. There may be hope. Armed business owner ends “smash-and-grab robbery.

·       A good rundown of just how dysfunctional Congress is.

·       A good article on how the Mainstream Media is losing the fight of its life thanks to Joe Rogan and others.