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In The News for Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Posted Jul 20 2021 8:24PM

·       Patent absurdity is not to serve as an outer limit inhibiting his statements. The vacant stare comes in handy when reciting the absurd lines he has been fed. Animatronic Short Circuit. This is past funny. Actually, it never was funny. It is a tragedy.

·       This is simply incredible and damning, but I’m sure the media will be all over it. Yeah, right. During the Obama years Biden used a personal email account to send information he was getting from the State Department to son Hunter.

·       An interesting poll from Tarrance Group indicating that the economy may be a winning issue for Republicans. Joe Biden’s ridiculous statement: “no serious economist” is worried about inflation. Really? Guess again.

·       True. The Silent Majority Is Rapidly Becoming the ‘Angry Majority.’ Count me as one.  We can’t stand by and let a minority determine how we live our lives[JW1]  as we watch our country implode from misguided policies and the unfettered invasion of illegal aliens. 11 million is the figure bandied about, but the reality may be more like 35 million[JW2] . We need to start loading up Greyhounds and repatriating every illegal alien we can get our hands on. The time for letting this mess wind its way through the courts for years when most of them don’t even show up is long gone. Finish the wall, you treasonous morons!

·       NPR’s Brilliant Self-Own. Totally tone deaf.

·       Texas, Florida ‘will enforce the law’ at border amid Biden’s neglect of ‘duty.’ The question is what is being done with the illegal aliens once they are apprehended? Hopefully, immediate repatriation is the answer.

·       The Assault on America’s National Identity.  

·       Just how vapid and stupid are entertainers? Well, here’s a clue. They’re bragging about only buying ethically sourced Cocaine. Woke Coke.

·       Democrats are mounting an all-out offensive against the Second Amendment.

·       It’s time to actively work to replace Joe Manchin. Manchin pledges to vote for BLM nominee accused of lying under oath. There isn’t any doubt, she did, and was a leader of an environmental terrorist group.  

·       Remember the two New York lawyers caught red-handed trying to throw Molotov Cocktails into a police car? They’re heading for trial and hopefully disbarment and jail time.

·       Never, ever apologize to these cretins. Ridicule them, instead. J.K. Rowling fire back.

·       A question worth asking. Are there any good apples at the F.B.I.? And not just the F.B.I.

They promised to do the right thing. No one ever said the[JW3]  right thing is easy. No one ever promised that the right thing won’t carry consequences. They signed up for that. And they should do it.

·       I’m betting this book winds up on the clearance counter almost coincident with its publishing. Prince Harry to publish memoir in 2022.

·       As the most screwed up voyage since the S.S. Minnow set sail, a sixth fleeing Texas Democrat has tested positive for COVID. The Republicans could not have orchestrated a sillier stunt to make these people look ridiculous. They came with a case of Miller Light and left with six cases of Corona.

·       Living the good life using your campaign funds. Fang Fang’s boyfriend Eric Swalwell spent thousands on luxury hotels, limo services and liquor.

·       If it were possible to laugh Ben & Jerry’s out of business, this might do it.  

·       Aw shoot. Ratings for Game 5 of NBA Finals were a disaster.

·       Related: LeBron James Space Jam: A New Legacy looks like it will be lucky to gross $60-$70 million. It cost $150 million to produce.

·       The gift that just keeps on giving. AOC struggles to explain how cashing in on her Tax The Rich merchandise isn’t capitalism or something. Gonna miss her when her constituents finally realize how dumb she is. Of course, they are New York voters, so she has a chance. Can you afford AOC’s ‘Tax The Rich’ sweater? She paid $1.4 million to the company running her online store in the first half of 2021.

·       Roger Kimball: The FBI Has Lost The Plot: Who gave the Feds access to Twitter? A scathing look at the FBI.

·       Someone should have thought of this a long time ago. New CNN premium subscription service.