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In The News for Friday, April 30, 2021
Posted Apr 30 2021 8:22AM

·       As is often the case, the folks at Powerline had one of the best reviews of Joe Biden’s rambling, bloviating mess of an address to Congress.

·       Biden says that White Supremacists have replaced Jihadists as the “most lethal terrorist threat” to U.S. I guess he forgot he had already called Coal and High Fructose Corn Syrup our biggest threats. Anyone ever met a white supremacist?

·       In case you missed it, Stephen Green usually drunk blogs things like Biden’s speech and they are usually very entertaining. Here is his drunk blog of Biden’s address on Wednesday.  

·       It’s time for a Preference Cascade. The latest foolishness from CDC.

What we need now is a preference cascade, sort of like the one that turned CeauČ™escu from entrenched Communist dictator to firing squad victim in a matter of days. Basically, in a preference cascade people start piercing the veil of silence. One person turns to another and says, I want this to end. Pretty soon–amazingly soon, once it starts to spread–it turns out that most people agree.

We need people to say, I’m taking this damn mask off. And if a harpy complains, to tell her or him to get stuffed. Seriously. The time has come.

·        In case you though the bloviating coming out of the Democrats about raising taxes on the rich will solve our problems, you might consider that they already pay 97% of all taxes. Pay your “fair share” indeed. What utterly divisive demagoguery.

·       CBS claimed that 85% of those watching Biden’s speech approved. I don’t believe this for a second based on my own poll of thumbs up versus thumbs down on the various streaming options which showed that only 29% of those expressing an opinion approved, while 71% gave it a Thumbs Down. Even on CBS’s site, only 39% gave it a Thumbs Up, while 61% gave it a Thumbs Down. Looks like they’ve been caught red-handed cooking the books.

Streaming Site     Thumbs Up     Thumbs Down

Bloomberg                   231                     2.2K

ABC                               469                     2.5K

CBS                               2.9K                    4.6K

MSNBC                        425                      398

CNBC                           2.6K                     7.1K

WSJ                              979                      3.7K

LA Times                     602                      2.7K

CNN                             4.9K                     7.6K

PBS                              779                      3.4K

Reuters                       468                      2.1K

C-Span                        3.4K                     5.9K

USA Today                 588                      2.9K

Totals                         18.3K                  45.1K

·       Meanwhile, the Dems and their media sycophants attempt to re-write history.

·       Another company announces they will accept Bitcoin. Bubba Gump Seafood restaurants are the latest to fall into line.

·       A statement from Rudy Giuliani’s attorney about the dawn raid by the FBI. Simply incredible! Our next Republican president needs to institute a thorough house cleaning. I fault President Trump for not beginning it.