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In The News for Friday, March 19, 2021
Posted Mar 19 2021 7:43AM

·       Twelve Republicans in the House show some backbone. My Rep., Chuck Fleischmann, was not one of them and I wrote him to express my wish that he would step up and begin to fight the hijacking of our government instead of trying to keep his head down. Those Representatives who don’t stand up are likely to face challenges in the 2022 primaries. Deservedly so.

·       I love it. I love it. More, more. FCC cracks down on robocalls with record $225 million fine.

·       The Biden Border Debacle: Sheriffs: Up to 50% of migrants captured have COVID, want border secured. Polls indicate a vast majority of Americans agree. Since Joe has in the past said that he will offer healthcare for illegal aliens and vowed not to deport anyone for the first 100 days of his presidency, it’s hardly surprising what is happening. About the only thing missing is large “welcome” signs at the border and they are probably in the works.

·       So, UAW members, how is your support of President Biden working out for you? Ford plans to move future vehicle production out of Ohio and to Mexico. Well, that’s not how it was supposed to work.

·       21 States sue over Biden executive order halting Keystone Pipeline. The power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce belongs to Congress.  

·       DeSantis Rolls Out of Bed Owning the Dems.

·       California Gun Sales Skyrocketing, Media Asks Why?

·       You’ve heard of BLM. How about BGM? Black Guns Matter. Founder Maj Toure believes there is a clear reason why violent crime in Philadelphia dropped to its lowest level in decades in 2016 when Black Guns Matter first began workshops on firearms safety and training.

·       If ever anything should be a no-brainer, removing Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee is one. McCarthy files resolution to do just that

·       Someone needs to remind these folks about the First Law of Holes: When you’re in one, quit digging. Military’s Top Directive for March 17: With Every Decision You Make, Consider Its Effect on LGBTQ People. Yessirreeboy! That’s exactly what I want our military to focus on. I look forward to the mass firings in the flag ranks that are going to take place when we get an administration serious about having an effective, combat ready armed force.

·       I think it is becoming clearer and clearer that the Supreme Court abrogated its responsibility.   

·       John Stossel: The Woke Awards. Black musician Eric July has a few choice words for our woke academy members.

·       You can’t make this stuff up. Marvel’s new Captain America will be a nose-ring wearing gay and an LBGTQ activist. Can’t wait.

·       If you watch CNN or are somehow trapped into seeing Stacey Abrams, you might not be aware that 75% of likely voters would like to see Voter ID. Of course they would. Black voters overwhelmingly support it. The Dem narrative is fake and designed to make it easier to vote illegally.

·       And what do most Americans feel about our woke corporations? 2/3 believe they’ve gone too far. Hopefully, they’ll express those views with their pocketbook.

·       I just love a happy ending. 76 year old Asian woman beats up attacker in San Francisco.

·       Tennessee is about to become the sixteenth state to allow open or concealed carry without a permit. I assume a permit will still be required for interstate travel to meet reciprocity rules.

·       A lot of Mexican Americans don’t want Speedy Gonzales cancelled.

·       As I’ve said, never apologize or back down when the wokerati come for you. Vermont Professor: “Would I please resign? No. Nope. Not a chance.” Professor rejects mob’s demand that he leave campus for making a video that argues antiracism efforts on campus in effect amount to racism against its white population.

·       Who would ever have thought that anyone involved is something as wholesome as Drag Queen Story Hour could have been caught up is something so sordid as child pornography? I know you’re just as shocked as I am.