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In The News for Monday, April 18, 2022
Posted Apr 17 2022 9:13PM

·        Putin Sings. Gotta see this. Who knew he was a Fats Domino fan?

·        A real Biden tour de force in Greensboro, NC as Biden spoke at North Carolina A&T University in a mindless ramble of pure twaddle. Count the times he said “It’s not a joke”. He did refer to “brain damage” and one has to wonder, as the author opines, if he was projecting.

·        More on Chris Wallace’s perfectly timed move to CNN+. LOL. Eight things more popular than epic failure CNN+.  

·        The Twitterati are not taking Elon’s offer well.

·        Calling the low in Biden’s approval ratings among resistered voters (now 35%) is like trying to catch a javelin.

·        Our Geriatric Political Class Needs To Go. This can only be accomplished at the polls.

·        Have you figured out, yet, that when the left starts screaming “conspiracy theory” it usually turns out to be true? Yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ comes true. At least 20 Feds embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6.

·        Dumbest fact check ever? Did a bird really poop on Joe Biden’s lapel while he was speaking in a barn in Iowa? The Ministry of Truth is on the job.

·        You might not be hearing much more about Frank James, the NY subway shooter. “This is the wrong sort of lunatic for the mainstream media’s taste. He doesn’t help them politically. A guy who looks like that is supposed to be a victim, not an aggressor.”

·        We Told You So.

·        Why I stopped using Business Insider as a source years ago.

·        Biden has so far released 1.5 million illegal immigrants into U.S. communities, many in the dead of night, and has just this week resumed flights of illegal immigrants into communities under cover of darkness. I’m not aware that he has any plan to stop it. He has clearly violated his oath of office and should be impeached for it. In just over a year, Biden has managed to put the brakes on the mighty engine that is the U.S. economy and shift it into reverse. The Quinnipiac University National Poll put his approval rating at 33% this week. Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter was last seen grinning from ear to ear.   

·        With the trial of the Clinton campaign attorney slated to begin in May, it seems something new is coming out every day on the Durham investigation. Sussman apparently put his lie in writing.  

·        And this one is just too good not to share.

·        I wonder…”Could the left’s efforts to drive Diane Feinstein from office be a dry run for how they may soon turn on Joe Biden?”

·        That kid sure doesn’t need to be driving his tricycle. Kindergartner brings Jose Cuervo Margaritas to snack time.

·        Excellent article. Highly recommended. The Jews Who Didn’t Leave Egypt.

·        Baskin-Robbins’ Shocking New Re-Branding Campaign. Just hilarious! Wokesters everywhere will be up in arms.

The absolute gall of these people! Don’t they realize that somewhere, a transgender first-grader isn’t being celebrated zealously enough by xir 6-year-old peers? That black people were enslaved and mistreated? That there are billions of poor people in the world who have yet to be welcomed into the United States and given free smartphones, medical care, food, education, and housing? That white supremacists lurk around every corner, COVID still exists, mean tweets might be a thing again, and there’s a buzzsaw of a war on the other side of the world that we aren’t yet tossing our kids into??? How dare Baskin-Robbins be so innocently cheerful!