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In The News for Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Posted Sep 08 2021 9:14AM

·       Someone needs to be fired. National Archives Places ‘Harmful Language Alert’ On Page Hosting U.S. Constitution[JW1] .

·       The kickoff of football season might be an indication of just how the tide is turning. I saw stadiums full of people with very few masks in sight. On top of that, unlike the way Trump is usually greeted by crowds, several of the football crowds erupted into profane chants about Joe Biden and he wasn’t even there. It wasn’t an isolated phenomenon.  

·       Biden went to New Jersey to view damage from Hurricane Ida and show concern. They weren’t buying it and he was roundly booed and yelled at over his incompetent  handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal and leaving Americans behind.

·       The politics surrounding the treatment of COVID is unbelievable. Here’s a great example. This crap has to stop. People need to be put up against the wall over this.

·       Why in the world does this guy still have a job? Gen. Milley takes a victory lap over Afghanistan disaster.

·       Another happy ending. An armed citizen in Syracuse, NY who had a valid concealed carry permit stopped a potential mass murder by killing the shooter. Press coverage has been minimal. Had the shooter been successful, it would have been national news.  

·       Why do the polls show trust in the media is lower than whale feces? This may be a good example of why. Joy Reid repeats totally made-up story first put out in Rolling Stone magazine without being checked. A total lie. There are some truly dumbass personalities on CNN, MSNBC and their various fellow travelers, but Joy is up there in a class almost by herself.

·       Somehow, I don’t find this a big surprise. States with Right to Work laws are recovering faster. It’s a common sense principle supported by 8 in 10 Americans but because Big Labor spends billions of dollars on political lobbying, 23 states still allow union officials to extract money from workers’ paychecks without their consent. More reason to vote Republican.

·       If I were Rose McGowan I’d watch my six o’clock. Rose McGowan to Hillary Clinton: “I’’ve been in a hotel room with your husband and here comes the bomb.” Not sure what’s going on here. Read the whole tweet.  

·       Looks like Joe might be on his own as Jill Biden takes a break from being Co-President and returns to the classroom.

·       A movement seems to be developing at football games. It broke out spontaneously at several venues. I’m guessing it will spread this weekend. Think maybe people are fed up and have had enough? Apparently even Sports Bars are joining in.

·       The State Department is making it difficult if not impossible to rescue Americans from Afghanistan. What the hell is going on?